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NASA offers 4K tour of the Moon
NASA offers 4K tour of the Moon
NASA has updated the video tour of the Moon first created by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2011.

Engineers with NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio used the same camera path but incorporated a wealth of new data collected by the LRO over the last several years to render the lunar environs in 4K resolution, UPI wrote.

The tour showcases a variety of the Moon's geologic features, big and small.

Larger, older structures include Orientale, a lunar mare, and South Pole-Aitken, a crater basin. Smaller, younger features include Tycho and Aristarchus, two of the Moon's brightest craters.

NASA wrote in an update, "The new tour highlights the mineral composition of the Aristarchus plateau, evidence for surface water ice in certain spots near the south pole, and the mapping of gravity in and around the Orientale basin.”


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