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Higher income people more physically active
Higher income people more physically active
A study by the American Cancer Society found that higher income individuals are more likely to be weekend warriors exercising just a few days a week.

The study, published in Preventive Medicine, was a collaboration between the American Cancer Society, the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and Georgia State University, according to UPI.

Researchers used accelerometer data to analyze physical activity and sedentary behavior in 5,206 US adults of varying income levels enrolled in The National Health and Examination Survey from 2003 to 2006.

The study revealed that individuals making $75,000 a year or more had 4.6 additional daily minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity compared to those making less than $20,000 a year.

Individuals with higher incomes engaged in 9.3 fewer minutes of light intensity activity, spent 11.8 more minutes a day sedentary, were 1.6 times more likely to meet guidelines for a weekend warrior and were 1.9 times more likely to meet guidelines for physical activity during a seven-day period.

Dr. Kerem Shuval, of the American Cancer Society, said, "Our findings pertaining to income and the 'weekend warrior' effect underscore the importance of tailoring the physical activity message to reflect the constraints of both low and high income individuals.

"To meet guidelines one can engage in 150 minutes of weekly moderate intensity activity over a two- or three-day period rather than seven days, for example.

“This can be achieved over a long weekend, a message we may want to convey to those pressed for time.

“It is important to remember, however, that we should increase the duration and intensity of activity gradually to avoid injury.

“Also, if inactive consult with a physician before embarking on an exercise program."

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