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Envoy calls for expanded cultural ties between Iran, Afghanistan
Envoy calls for expanded cultural ties between Iran, Afghanistan
Iran's ambassador to Afghanistan said on Monday that Afghans from all walks of life visited Iran's book fair in Kabul which demonstrates the need for expanding cultural activities to strengthen ties between the two nations.

Mohammadreza Bahrami told IRNA following a visit to Iran's Scientific, Cultural, and Book Fair in Kabul that Iranians and Afghans have a lot of cultural commonalities and holding book fairs in Kabul is a symbol of the necessity for interaction between the two nations.

Referring to the large number of visitors, he added, "What was noticeable in the fair was the fact that access to Persian books is really important to the Afghans, particularly the university students."

Bahrami said, "If we can hold fairs jointly with other countries that have the same culture and Persian as their language and live in the same cultural zone, nations will be closer to one another."

Many cultural and non-cultural Afghan authorities visited the book fair in Kabul. The presence of the Chief Executive of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah in the opening ceremony shows the importance of the fair.

The fair opened on April 12 and will run until April 19 in eastern Kabul.

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