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Depression rates among youth in US higher than ever
Americans are fast becoming a very depressed lot.
Turkey's largest youth festival takes over Istanbul
Turkey's biggest and most comprehensive festival — the Istanbul Youth Festival (İGF) — targeted at young people kicked off at the Eurasia Show and Art Center. The festival brings Turkey's beloved brands, NGOs and public enterprises to the public though art exhibitions, workshops, sports activities, panel sessions and live concerts.
Mental health risk higher for transgender youth
A new study suggested that transgender and gender non-conforming children and adolescents may be more likely to develop depression and other mental health conditions, compared with individuals whose gender identity matches their assigned gender at birth.
Senior commander: Enemies target youth in cyberspace
Head of Iranian Army’s Strategic Studies Center Brigadier General Pourdastan said on Friday the enemies of the Islamic establishment are using the cyberspace in line with their plots for the future.
Number of youth acting as 'money mules' doubles in Britain
The number of young people caught acting as ‘money mules’ has doubled in the past four years, according to the UK's fraud prevention service, Cifas.
Promise or peril? Africa’s 830 million young people by 2050
Last month, Spanish charity workers rescued 167 migrants arriving from Africa aboard a small boat.
The Arab youth bulge and the parliamentarians
More than ever before, the Arab region now registers an unprecedented youth population growth while facing huge challenges such as extremely high unemployment rates — more than half of all regional jobless population — and inadequate education and health provision, in particular among young women.
Immigrant youth help to build nations
Immigrants and refugees, especially those from developing nations, are often portrayed by segments of the media and policy makers as an economic burden, a threat to the host countries social cohesion and way of life.
Rouhani: Youth must be prepared for interaction with tomorrow's technologies
President Hassan Rouhani described information technology as the prerequisite to scientific development, saying that "We must not distance from technological developments and, instead of blocking access to them, the youth must become prepared for decent interaction with tomorrow's technologies".
Youth Ministry mulls pre-marriage training as condition for registering marriage
Ministry of Sports and Youth is studying a plan to provide pre-marriage training. If approved, one article will be added to the conditions required for registering a marriage.
Education, skills, jobs: Energizing India’s youth
By Rana Kapoor* The increased focus on human capital development in India’s Budget 2017 to empower the youth is indeed a welcome step. The several key announcements in education, skills and youth development shall have structural and long term impact on quality of education, availability of qualified manpower and preparing the next generation for the hyper age of automation.

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