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All computers are flawed and the fix will take years
All the world's computers are flawed, and companies are fumbling with fixes. It will take years until the issue is fully sorted out.
Face of teenage girl from 9,000 years ago reconstructed
A team of researchers with the University of Athens and a Swedish archeologist has reconstructed the face of a teenage girl from the Mesolithic period whose remains were found in a Greek cave.
Biggest dementia breakthrough in 50 years
A cure for dementia was believed to be a step closer yesterday after a new drug was found to tackle toxins that cause Huntington’s disease.
Twice-dead star explodes 50 years later
It's the star that keeps on dying — astronomers have discovered a star that's exploded several times over the last half-century.
2017 to be one of three hottest years on record
2017 is set to be one of the hottest three years on record, provisional data suggested, confirming yet again a warming trend that scientists say bears the fingerprints of human actions.
Warm-bloodedness emerged 20 million years earlier than previously thought
Until recently, scientists believed four-legged land animals first evolved warm-bloodedness roughly 270 million years ago. But a new analysis suggests the feature emerged 20 to 30 millions years earlier.
Nepalese vote in first local elections in 20 years
Nepalese are lining up to vote for representatives in municipal and village councils for the first time in two decades, a sign that the country's fractious democracy may be stabilizing.
Pall Corp. first US tech firm to invest in Iran in years
An Iranian company says a top American technology leader plans to invest in an Iranian oil equipment production project – what could be the first direct investment by a US oil company in Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
Smoking costs as much as $10,000 over five years
When it comes to getting cigarette smokers to give up the habit, just about everything has been tried.
Regular exercise can add years to life
Regular exercise combined with a Mediterranean-style diet can add years to your life.
Risky treatment can stop multiple sclerosis for years
A multiple sclerosis treatment being tested in patients can stop the disease for at least five years, said doctors.
Zarif hails 515 years of Iran-Russia ties
In a message on the occasion of 515 years of Iran-Russia historical ties, FM Zarif said continuous cultural exchanges between the two countries will help expansion of political and trade relations as well.
US police deaths reach 135 this year, highest in five years
A total of 135 US police officers were killed in the line of duty in 2016, the highest number in the past five years.
Fijian ants began farming 3m years ago
Ants have been farming for at least three million years. New research suggested Fijian ants were the planet's first plant farmers.
Giant, swimming lizard hunted Antarctic seas 66m years ago
The discovery of an ancient sea lizard skull has shed light on the diversity and distribution of mosasaurs — giant lizards that hunted marine reptiles during the Cretaceous period.

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