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Promotion ‘makes women much less satisfied with new job’
It is time to pay closer attention to the experiences that women have when they are in positions of authority.
High-calorie foods may raise cancer risk in women
Women who eat a lot of high-calorie foods may face a slightly higher risk of obesity-related cancers — even if they remain thin, a new study suggested.
Women slowly break barriers in Bangladesh
When one thinks of Bangladesh, its political leadership naturally comes to mind as the leaders of the country’s major parties are women, including the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader and the Speaker of the National Parliament.
Gender norms still important for women’s choice of college major
Traditional cultural norms about gendered roles and femininity still matter for women’s choice of college major, said Ann Beutel of the University of Oklahoma in the US.
Cancer explained:  Why men are more likely to be diagnosed than women? (Video)
Cancer diagnoses are more common in men than women, figures have revealed. is investigating find out why this could be the case.
Women build rural infrastructure in Bangladesh
Breaking all the social barriers and taboos, poor women in Bangladesh are now engaged in rural development works across the country as laborers.
UK South Asian women 'hiding cancer because of stigma'
A number of UK women from South Asian backgrounds who have cancer hide it because of a perceived stigma about the disease, the BBC has learned.
Study: Women who have their first child in their 30s live longer
Studies have shown that women who give birth to their first child in their 30s live longer.
Gum disease linked to increased cancer risk for older women
A new study links gum disease with an increased risk of several types of cancer in postmenopausal women, even in women who never smoked.
Women, men report similar levels of work-family conflicts
Contrary to public perception and many media accounts, women and men report similar levels of work-family conflicts, both in the form of work interfering with family and family interfering with work, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.
Women with HIV in Cameroon still stigmatized
Blandine, a 28-year-old mother of a baby girl, sits restlessly on a chair in a womens' health center in Cameroon's capital, not knowing how or what to feel as she waits for an HIV test.
Women still carry most of the world’s water
Imagine going through your day without access to clean, safe water in your home for drinking, cooking, washing or bathing whenever you need it.
UBI could work in Southeast Asia if it goes to women
The universal basic income (UBI) debate has been raging for some years, with politicians and people hotly divided over the notion of their government paying every citizen a set amount of money on a regular basis, without requiring work to be completed.
World Population Day is really about women
There are about 214 million women around the world who want to avoid pregnancy but don’t have access to contraception, according to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
Why women should have more babies, sooner
New research via the National Center for Health Statistics shows the US fertility rate is at a record low. With the exception of the over-30 crowd, fewer women across almost all age groups and ethnicities are having babies.

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