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Neolithic settlement found in western Iran
Evidence of short-term settlement has been found around Ganj Darreh Mound, Kermanshah Province, which apparently dates back to the Pre-Pottery era.
Neolithic, bronze era vestiges evident in western Iran
Archeological excavations in Tappeh Gouran (Gouran Mound) in Ilam, west of Iran, led to the uncovering of artifacts from two cultural periods — the Neolithic and Bronze eras, each having unique cultural features.
Pre-historic sites identified in western Iran
Some 115 ancient and historical sites dating back from the pre-historic up to the Islamic era have been identified in archeological explorations in the city of Rumeshkan, Lorestan Province.
Four Paleolithic periods identified in western Iran
Operations to widen Kermanshah-Kurdestan freeway in the west of Iran have led to the identification of four Paleolithic periods in the area, according to the website of the Research Institute of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.
Paleolithic vestiges found in western Iran
Salvage archeological explorations conducted on a 100-hectare Kalag region in Ilam have led to the discovery of works dating back to the Paleolithic, Bronze, the Parthian, the Sassanid and Islamic eras.
Signs of Achaemenids unearthed in western Iran
Archeological excavations in the Chia Sabz area in Iran’s western province of Lorestan led to the unearthing of the landmark Achaemenid clay works, the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) reported.

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