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Santa’s moving to South Pole because of global warming
A Canadian government website claims Santa Claus signed an international agreement to relocate his workshop to the South Pole to escape the effects of man-made global warming in the Arctic.
Global warming? Record snow on Alaska mountain peak linked to climate change
Climate change has been blamed for causing higher temperatures, drought, wildfires and hurricanes — and now it’s being credited with generating record snow.
Recent Arctic warming unprecedented
Each year for the past 12 years, an international team of scientists have issued a ‘report card’ on the Arctic climate system. The report amounts to a physical exam of the vast, rapidly changing region, including details on everything from surface air temperatures to sea ice melt and permafrost loss.
No, global warming isn't killing off the polar bears
It's a heart-rending video: The National Geographic tape shows a plainly starving, shockingly thin polar bear rummaging for food. It's near death. The tragic scene went viral on the Internet.
Global warming causes change in Antarctic sea life
A team of scientists who found an array of sea life not found before in an area they explored beneath an Antarctic ice shelf believe the dramatic change may be caused by global warming·
Global warming carrying on at catastrophic levels
There was never any ‘pause’ in global warming, new data showed, and the world is warming at a pace that scientists warn will be catastrophic.
Study shows impact of global warming on coffee production
A recent study by the University of Vermont (UVM) found global warming could reduce coffee growing areas in Latin America by as much as 88 percent by 2050.
Global warming will increase poverty in the southern US
A new study estimated that southern areas of the US, many of which are already poor, could face a 20 percent decline in economic activity if carbon emissions continue unabated through the 21st century.
Global warming, rising seas may encourage parasites
A study of ancient clam fossils suggests rising seas could once again encourage parasite infestations in brackish water ecosystems.
Global warming to melt vast area of permafrost
It is one of the nightmare scenarios of global warming.
World heat shatters records in 2016 in new sign of global warming
Last year was the hottest on record by a wide margin, with temperatures creeping close to a ceiling set by almost 200 nations for limiting global warming, the European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Service said.
Global warming squeezing out northern birds
New research details the vulnerability of northern birds in a warming climate.
Half the world's species failing to cope with global warming
Nearly half the species on the planet are failing to cope with global warming the world has already experienced, according to an alarming new study that suggests the sixth mass extinction of animal life in the Earth’s history could take place in as little as 50 years.
Kerry says he'll continue with anti-global warming efforts
US Secretary of State John Kerry said he will continue his efforts to implement the Paris Agreement on global warming until the day President Barack Obama leaves office on Jan. 20.

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