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Women's hearts may be more vulnerable to stress
Mental stress can take a toll on blood vessels — and women with heart disease may be especially vulnerable, a new study suggested.
People suffered appearance-related discrimination more vulnerable to health issues
People who have been discriminated against due to their appearance are more likely to suffer from poor health down the line, a survey showed.
Housing benefit in UK cuts leave poor vulnerable to rent rises
Households on low incomes are being left particularly exposed to rent increases as housing costs eat up a growing proportion of their money, a thinktank has said.
One million unvaccinated Venezuelan kids vulnerable in measles outbreak
Around 1 million unvaccinated Venezuelan children are susceptible to measles, a highly contagious disease that has re-emerged in the crisis-stricken South American nation, a group of doctors estimated.
Snow leopard taken off endangered list
The snow leopard is no longer considered an endangered species, according to conservationists.
Vulnerable children not in crisis are 'left in limbo'
Thousands of vulnerable children in England are being ‘left in limbo’ because their needs are not severe enough, a charity has warned.
Poorest preschoolers most vulnerable to fatal child abuse
Children in America’s poorest communities have three times the risk of dying from child abuse before age 5 as children in the wealthiest neighborhoods, a new study found.
Study: Peripheral vision vulnerable to uniformity illusion
Many studies have revealed the fragility of human perception. Put simply, humans see things that aren't there for a variety of reasons.
Are some kids genetically more vulnerable to food advertising?
Children exposed to food advertisements are more likely to overeat, especially if they have a specific version of a gene linked to obesity, a recent study suggested.
US vulnerable to cyber attacks, NSA warns
The United States National Security Agency says hacking the country’s infrastructure is a "matter of when, not if."
Vulnerable populations disproportionately burdened by 'super polluters'
University of Maryland research that crosslinks toxic pollution to race and socio-economic status was published in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Research Letters.
Homelessness in US hits most vulnerable citizens: Researcher
A US researcher and social activist has criticized the United States for spending trillions of dollars on wars, destroying countries but failing to resolve the homelessness crisis that hits America's most vulnerable citizens.
Impact of climate change on vulnerable species
Blame it on the ripple effect of climate change and warming temperatures. Birds migrate earlier, flowers bloom faster, and fish move to newly warmed waters putting local species at risk.
Snowden says NSA spying makes Americans vulnerable
American whistleblower Edward Snowden has said that the US government is putting American citizens at risk by the National Security Agency’s spying activities.
20,000 houses for disabled, vulnerable villagers
State Welfare Organization (SWO) has signed an agreement with the Islamic Revolution Housing Foundation for the construction of 20,000 housing units for disabled and vulnerable villagers.

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