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Kosovo votes amid concerns for economy, border
People in Kosovo are voting in snap elections to decide members of their 120-seat parliament as key issues like a border demarcation deal and talks with Serbia are at stake.
Over 20 million Iranians cast votes so far: Interior Ministry
An Iranian Interior Ministry official says over 20 million people have cast their ballots in the country's twin elections by 5 p.m. local time (1230 GMT).
Palestinians cast votes in municipal polls in West Bank, but not in Gaza
Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank vote in the first municipal elections in years amid rifts between the ruling Fatah Party in Ramallah and the Hamas resistance movement governing the blockaded Gaza Strip.
Iranians to cast votes in 103 countries
Iran’s Deputy FM Ghashghavi said Iranians residing in 103 foreign countries will be balloted for upcoming presidential elections.
Turkish parliament votes in favor of constitution reform package
Turkish lawmakers have voted in favor of a controversial reform bill that would grant additional executive powers to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Montenegro votes amid NATO accession dispute
People in Montenegro have headed to the polls in parliamentary elections, as the country is in a tussle between the East and the West.
Tunisia parliament votes to oust PM Essid
Tunisia’s Prime Minister Habib Essid has been voted out of office by the country’s parliament.
UK votes on continued membership in European Union
Britons go to the polls in a much-anticipated referendum on whether the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union (EU) or leave the 28-member bloc.
Syria starts counting votes in parliamentary polls
The voting process for Syria’s parliamentary elections has concluded and the counting work has begun amid peace talks between the Damascus government and opposition.
Principlists lead votes countrywide, reformists win Tehran
Latest results of Iran’s twin elections show that candidates belonging to the Principalist camp are in the lead countrywide while reformists are at the helm in Tehran constituency.
Ayatollah Khamenei warns of enemy plots against Iran's upcoming votes
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has warned against enemy plots to exercise influence in Iran’s upcoming elections.
Myanmar votes in landmark polls; Rohingyas excluded
Millions of people voted Sunday in Myanmar's landmark election, with a massive turnout that could catapult Aung San Suu Kyi's party to power and finally end decades of military control.
Tories backtrack on plans for English votes for English laws
The Conservative government has postponed the controversial plans for English votes for English laws until at least September.
Greece votes in make-or-break poll
Greeks voted on Sunday in an election expected to bring to power the radical leftist Syriza party, which has pledged to take on international lenders and roll back painful austerity measures imposed during years of economic crisis.
Grenade explodes near polling both in Sri Lanka
A grenade attack has reportedly occurred near a polling center in northern Sri Lanka as the country votes in presidential election.

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