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Nickel silver craft: Traditional art in western Iran
The art of making beautiful crafts using nickel silver is among the oldest traditions in western province of Lorestan.
Hot yoga no healthier than traditional form
One of the most popular forms of yoga, which requires participants to pull agonizing poses in 40 degree heat, is no healthier than traditional yoga, a study has found.
Sultan Amir Ahmad Public Bath, a traditional 16th-century structure
Sultan Amir Ahmad Public Bath — also known as the Qasemi Public Bath — is a traditional Iranian public bathhouse in the central city of Kashan.
China studying when to ban sales of traditional fuel cars
China has begun studying when to ban the production and sale of cars using traditional fuels, the official Xinhua news agency reported, citing comments by the vice industry minister, who predicted ‘turbulent times’ for automakers forced to adapt.
Natanz to host Festival of Ecotourism, Traditional Medicine, Herbal Plants
The Second Conference and Festival of Ecotourism, Traditional Medicine and Herbal Plants will be held in Natanz, Isfahan Province, from April 25-28.
Traditional dolls help sustain culture
Folk dolls can help preserve cultural diversity in Iran, noted Delavar Bozorgnia, the head of Mazandaran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department. "Traditional dolls reflect the lifestyle, professions, architectural style, religious and traditions pertaining to a specific region," he said.
Ritual and Traditional Plays Festival underway
Iran's 17th Festival of Ritual and Traditional Plays is being held in Tehran for ten days.
Are e-cigarettes a gateway to traditional smoking for teens?
Teenagers who have used electronic cigarettes by the time they start ninth grade are more likely than others to start smoking tobacco-based products such as cigarettes, cigars, and hookahs in the future, according to a new study.
Traditional dolls of Qeshm Island
Techniques of making traditional dolls on Qeshm Island , in the southern province of Hormuzgan, will be registered on the Intangible Cultural Heritage List, said the head of Research Center of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.
Baluchi women proud of embroidered garments
Baluchi women living in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchestan give high importance to their traditional embroidered garments.
Traditional music album in market
An album on traditional Persian music by the late Iranian musician Ataollah Jangouk was released recently.
Traditional music album out
A new traditional music album has been released featuring Ardeshir Kamkar, a virtuoso on the traditional instrument 'kamancheh'.
Qorbani album set for release in France
The latest album by eminent Iranian vocalist Alireza Qorbani, called 'Lost in Love', is slated to be released in the French capital of Paris.
Traditional Persian music exhibition held in Belarus
Iran has launched an exhibition of Persian music in Belarus to introduce the country’s traditional art of music and musical instruments.
South Khorasan’s traditional clothes
The traditional dress of Iranians reflects Persian culture and heritage. Traditional outfits of Iranian men include shirt (pirahan) and trousers (shalvar).

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