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Thousands of British children potentially lured through social media into 'county lines' drugs dealing
Thousands of children in the UK could be being lured through social media sites such as Instagram into selling drugs in seaside towns, the police have warned as they secured their first modern slavery conviction against those responsible.
Two killed, thousands displaced by new storm in Philippines
Two people have been killed and thousands have fled strong winds and floods as a tropical depression hit the central Philippines on Tuesday, following deadly back-to-back storms during the Christmas season.
New brittle bone test to end hip break agony for thousands
A revolutionary new screening test for brittle bone disease could prevent thousands of women suffering the agony of hip fractures each year.
Thousands of anti-Trump protesters rally in 22 US cities
Thousands of protesters marched in 22 cities across the United States to denounce the policies of President Donald Trump and his administration.
Monsoon flooding kills 12, displace thousands in India
Thousands of people took refuge in relief camps as torrential monsoon rains flooded parts of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, killing at least 12 people this week, the government said Saturday.
‘Phenomenal’ new treatment could help save thousands at risk of heart disease( video)
A new daily treatment could slash the risk of heart disease patients dying from fatal attacks.
Thousands protest against rescinding 'dreamer' immigration program
Mass protests have been held in cities across the United States after President Donald Trump canceled the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that protected young immigrants.
(video) Thousands flee as Iraqi forces attack Daesh-held Tal Afar
Thousands of Iraqis have fled to Iraq's Kurdish region as the battle has begun to take the city of Tal Afar from the Daesh terrorist group.
Thousands rally in Germany against terrorism
Thousands of people, many of them Muslims, have staged a rally in the western German city of Cologne to voice their opposition to terrorism and extremism in the name of Islam.
Thousands of NATO troops join ‘Iron Wolf’ drills in Lithuania
The NATO military alliance has launched large military drills in Lithuania with the participation of over 5,000 troops from 10 member as part of a broader series of exercises at the Russian doorstep.
Thousands of Slovaks protest against corruption
Thousands of people have taken to the streets in Slovakia in protest against alleged corruption in Prime Minister Robert Fico’s government, calling for the resignation of a number of officials.
Thousands rally in Aden to support secession
Thousands of Yemenis have rallied in the port city of Aden in support of a so-called autonomous body set up to rule the south by officials of ex-president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.
Thousands of cars banned from roads in Mexico City
Authorities in Mexico City have ordered cars off the streets and warned people about exercising outdoors as sprawling metropolis chokes in its worst smog for nearly two decades.
Thousands protests US participation in Saudi war against Yemen
Thousands of people have gathered on the streets of Sana'a to protest the US's participation in Saudi Arabia's relentless war against Yemen.
Poles march in thousands against government policies
Thousands of Poles have taken part in a large rally in Warsaw to demand a stop to the populist policies of the government, which they say threaten Poland’s position in the European Union and NATO.

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