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Tens of thousands evacuated due to massive fires in California
Wind-driven fires tore through California communities Tuesday for the second time in two months, leaving hundreds of homes feared lost and uprooting tens of thousands of people.
O'Reilly to get 'tens of millions' from Fox in severance: Report
Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly will get "tens of millions" from the news network for ending his contract, CNN has reported.
Tens of pro-Saudi mercenaries captured in southern Yemen
Yemen’s military forces and their allies in the Houthi Ansarullah movement have captured 85 militants fighting for Saudi Arabia in its ongoing aggression of the impoverished country.
TENS could ease low back pain for some
Electrical nerve stimulation may offer some relief for older adults with chronic back pain, a new study suggested.
Tens of thousands march in Austria against abuse of refugees
Tens of thousands of protesters have taken part in a massive rally in Austria’s capital Vienna against the maltreatment of asylum seekers and the European Union's failure in tackling the persisting refugee crisis.
Reports: Tens of Saudi soldiers killed near Yemen
Tens of Saudi soldiers have been killed and a number of others have been captured during a retaliatory attack by tribal forces on a military site near the Yemeni border, sources say.

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