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Technology will widen pay gap and hit women hardest
The gulf between men and women at work — in both pay and status – is likely to widen unless action is taken to tackle inequality in high-growth sectors such as technology, say researchers at this week’s World Economic Forum summit in Davos.
US spy satellite destroyed after SpaceX launch: Officials
A US spy satellite that was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, aboard a SpaceX rocket on Sunday failed to reach orbit and is assumed to be a total loss, two US officials briefed on the mission have revealed.
The IQ of Europeans dropping due to technology
Intelligence levels are falling in advanced industrial countries across Europe, according to new research, which cites Scandinavia and the UK as key examples of places that have seen declines in recent decades.
How can technology save the environment?
Some people think that to reduce our environmental impact, we should focus on reducing the resources we use and conserving the natural environment. We can’t depend on technology and the economy to help us, they say.
Iran acquires technology to produce nuclear batteries: AEOI advisor
Iran has acquired the technology to produce nuclear batteries to be used in health and industrial sectors, an advisor to head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says.
Scientists use X-ray technology to reveal strength of Parrotfish teeth
Scientists at the US University of California (UC) Berkeley are using X-ray based technology to unfold the mystery of the mighty coral-crunching ability of Parrotfish's teeth.
Plasma technology could supply Mars mission with oxygen
Researchers in Portugal and France believe the Martian atmosphere could host plasma technology capable of producing oxygen.
Iran owns cutting-edge missile technology
Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri deputy chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, said Monday that Iran has the latest missile technology, stressing that the country’s defense capability is non-negotiable.
Engineers use racing car technology to keep newborns safe in ambulances
A Formula One racing team is employing technology that helps racing drivers survive high speed crashes to create a new device that keeps newborn babies safe during emergency transportation.
Can technology prevent most roadkill accidents?
Scientific American reports that one to two million animals are killed by motorists every year in the United States — the equivalent of one collision every 26 seconds. That doesn't include all the raccoons, skunks and other smaller animals that usually go unreported when hit.
Scientists use CRISPR gene-editing technology to alter flower color
Researchers in Japan reported in a new study they used the gene editing technology CRISPR to alter the color of a Japanese morning glory, a popular garden flower.
Flexible batteries power future of wearable technology
The rapid development of wearable technology has received another boost from a new development using graphene for printed electronic devices.
New scanning technology yields 3D images of live insects
Scientists in Canada have developed a new method for imaging the insides of insects. The new scanning technology allowed researchers to develop extremely detailed 3D images of living insects.
Scientists develop new regenerative tissue technology
Researchers at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have developed a breakthrough technology to generate any cell type for treatment in the body.
New technology promises to curb wasteful methane flaring in oil, gas fields
Scientists have developed new technology to curb wasteful methane flaring in oil and gas fields.

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