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Cyberattacks target Iran databases: Jahromi
Iran’s Minister of communications and information technology Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi said some of the country’s databases have come under cyberattacks, but notes that almost all targeted routers have been salvaged.
Kenya calls for using Iran technology potentials
Member of Kenya special economic zones Laban Onditi Rao called for taking advantage of Iran's potentials and experiences in agriculture and modern technology fields.
Technology and real estate must blend together, mega mall owner says
Technology and real estate must blend together better today in order to support an evolving retail market, according to one mega mall owner.
New technology promises to track single molecules traveling through the body
Scientists at Duke University in North Carolina, the US, have developed technology that could soon allow researchers to track a single drug molecule as it travels through the human body.
Scientists tout 'pen' technology that detects cancer in 20 seconds
Imagine if you could detect cancer within seconds. A group of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin said they’ve developed the technology to do just that.
AI-driven technology reshaping city traffic in China
An ambulance in Hangzhou, an eastern Chinese city, avoids gridlock and all red lights switch to green as it approaches.
New imaging technology shows laser pulses are formed from chaos
Lasers, invented in the 1960s, have become a mainstay of science and technology, but surprisingly, scientists still don't entirely understand the laser pulse formation process.
New chip technology can lead to better quantum computing power
An international team, including Chinese researchers, has demonstrated a large-scale integrated quantum photonic circuit, which may pave the way for manufacturing massive components for the realization of an optical quantum computer, according to a study recently released by the University of Bristol.
New technology powers record-fast optical distance measurement
Scientists in Europe have demonstrated the fastest optical distance measurement on record. The researchers used their new and improved LIDAR technology to measure a speeding bullet.
Diamond anvil technology could be a game-changer for chemistry
Diamonds are pretty darn tough. How tough? Tough enough that squeezing a couple of them together in a molecular diamond anvil — a technique that’s capable of achieving 100 times the pressure experienced at the bottom of the Mariana Trench — can be used to create custom molecules through the triggering of unique chemical reactions.
Is your kid cheating in school with technology, social media?
Students once passed notes or looked over their shoulder to cheat.
Parents need to embrace technology
By Steve M. Matthews*
Domestic technology, Iranain capital would disappoint enemies: Senior official
An Iranian security official said on Monday that employing domestic technology and Iranian capital will disappoint enemies, stop doing harm on the country's political independence, and counter the effects of sanctions.
Technology will widen pay gap and hit women hardest
The gulf between men and women at work — in both pay and status – is likely to widen unless action is taken to tackle inequality in high-growth sectors such as technology, say researchers at this week’s World Economic Forum summit in Davos.

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