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Survey links insomnia to workplace incivility
Workers' difficulty sleeping was linked to rude behavior by others while on the job, including verbal abuse, according to a survey of US Forest Service employees.
Survey finds girls’ isolation, vulnerability rise with heavy social media use
New survey results reveal a heightened sense of vulnerability and disconnect among girls who immerse themselves the most in social media and technology.
3D survey details dangerous megathrust fault off Costa Rican coast
Scientists have a better understanding of the dynamics of a dangerous megafault off the coast of Costa Rica, thanks to a new survey by researchers at the University of California (UC), Santa Cruz.
Survey says family income of over 70% of Egyptians insufficient for expenses, needs
A new survey says the family income of more than 70 percent of Egyptians is inadequate for their necessary expenses and needs.
Afghanistan opium production almost doubled in 2017: Survey
The United Nations and the Afghan government have released a new joint survey showing that opium production in the restive country has almost doubled so far in 2017 compared to last year.
Survey: More than half of India's languages may die out in 50 years
More than half of the languages spoken by India's 1.3 billion people may die out over the next 50 years, scholars said on, calling for a concerted effort to preserve the tongues spoken by the nation's endangered tribal communities.
Premature deliveries double due to late marriages: Survey
South Korean premature birthrate has nearly doubled in the past 16 years, a survey showed, with a growing number of women getting married late and experiencing difficulties having babies.
Aerial survey of polar ice expands to Arctic
The NASA mission that has produced unprecedented aerial 3D-views of Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets will be expanding for the first time to the Arctic Eurasian Basin.
US police interactions with blacks 'more tense': Survey
Interactions between US police and African Americans have become "more tense" after the recent wave of protests over the death of unarmed black men by the hands of white officers, a new study shows.
Survey: Giant pandas no longer 'endangered' in China
Decades of conservation work in China have paid off for the giant panda, whose status has been upgraded from 'endangered' to 'vulnerable' due to a population rebound, according to officials.
Survey finds support for limits on indoor tanning
While supporting new rules to make indoor tanning salons safer, most young women who frequent the salons oppose a total ban, a new study found.
UK economy shrinking at fastest rate since 2009: Survey
The British economy has shrunk at its fastest rate since April 2009 -- the peak of the 2007-08 financial crisis – following the vote to leave the European Union (EU), according to a business survey.
British economic growth ‘near stalling’: Survey
British economic growth slowed in April and is "near stalling", partly due to consumer uncertainty over the EU referendum about UK membership, according to a new survey.
Most Americans don't like any of presidential candidates: Survey
A majority of Americans have an unfavorable view of the remaining US presidential candidates and believe none represent their opinions, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.
Survey shows almost all Muslims detest Daesh
The results of a recent opinion poll suggest that nearly all people in Muslim-majority countries abominate the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group.

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