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Diamonds show Earth still capable of 'superhot' surprises
Diamonds may be 'forever’, but some may have formed more recently than geologists thought.
Malaysia surprises with 5.8 percent GDP growth
Malaysia's economy expanded at the fastest pace in more than two years in the second quarter on the back of domestic demand and robust exports, defying expectations for a slight slowdown.
UK's May surprises with change of policy on care for the elderly
British Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled a surprise new policy that aims to transfer a greater share of the cost of caring for elderly people from taxpayers to those recipients who can afford to pay for their own care.
Ancient 'Deep Skull' from Borneo full of surprises
A new study of the 37,000-year old remains of the Deep Skull — the oldest modern human discovered in island Southeast Asia — has revealed this ancient person was not related to Indigenous Australians, as had been originally thought.

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