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Yemen war: What happened to Saleem? (Video)
It has been a year since starving Saleem became the face of Yemen's suffering. But where is he now?
New body lotion could help millions suffering from high blood pressure
A cream rubbed into the skin could help millions suffering from high blood pressure.
Postnatal depression symptoms:  Five signs you could be suffering after giving birth (video)
Postnatal depression is a common condition that will soon feature in ITV’s Victoria when the show depicts how Queen Victoria felt after the birth of her second child.
Reasons why you might be suffering from bladder problems
Having a weak or over-active bladder is very common — but it’s still a largely taboo subject.
Nearly half of girls block social media users after suffering abuse
Nearly half of girls have blocked social media users after suffering harassment, a survey has found.
Ways to slash chances of suffering the deadly condition
Heart attacks happen when one or more of your coronary arteries become blocked.
Signs you could be suffering from liver cancer
Liver cancer, especially in the early stages, can be symptomless, but there can be some visible signs which suggest a person is suffering with the disease.
Simple test to slash risk of suffering heart attack
Scientists developed a life-saving test to reveal those who are at increased risk of heart attack or stroke.
Five signs you could be suffering from stomach cancer
Stomach cancer affects thousands of people every year. Experts believe up to 7,000 people receive a diagnosis for the disease every year in the UK.
Storm in Cape Town kills 8
At least eight people were killed in a storm that swept into the Cape Town area, which has been suffering from a severe drought, South African authorities said Wednesday.
Some signs could be suffering from iron deficiency
Anemia is a condition caused by a lack of iron in the body. These are the symptoms to look out for.
Gabbard: US mistakes cause increased human suffering
US Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a critic of her country’s recent missile strike on Syria, has warned that mistakes like the one which plunged the United States into Iraq War would increase “human suffering” on a large scale.
Women suffering heart attacks more likely to be misdiagnosed
Women are 50 percent more likely to be misdiagnosed following a heart attack than men, new research has revealed.
Iran, a medical hub
Nowadays, fewer Iranian patients suffering from acute diseases are seeking treatment abroad as access to modern medical equipment and domestic know-how has improved in the last two decades. Substantial medical progress, coupled with professional medical teams, has boosted the popularity of Iran as a medical hub in the world. The Persian Gulf country is also known for providing one of the most inexpensive healthcare services. Iran has witnessed a significant growth in the number of health tourists in recent years — most of whom require surgery. In an interview with Iran Daily, Dr. Iraj Fazel, the head of the Iranian Association of Surgeons, said Iran is an ideal destination for health tourists in view of the modern technologies and equipment as well as distinguished surgeons. Excerpts follow:

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