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Natural substance could prevent deadly episode
Heart attacks are medical emergencies, which occur when the supply of blood to the heart is blocked — usually by a blood clot.
Turkish police detain 3, seize radioactive substance
Turkish authorities have detained two Georgian citizens who tried to enter the country carrying radioactive material, a report says.
Encapsulated stem cells accelerate wound healing
A team of Cornell scientists has shown that stem cells confined inside tiny capsules secrete substances that help heal simulated wounds in cell cultures, opening up new ways of delivering these substances to locations in the body where they can hasten healing.
New substance overcomes treatment resistance in leukemia
The chances of patients with Philadelphia chromosome-positive leukemia (Ph+) being cured has greatly increased in recent years. Nevertheless, a high percentage of patients have developed resistance to available medication. But now, hematologists from Goethe University Frankfurt, working with a Russian pharmaceutical company, have developed a new active substance that effectively combats the most aggressive forms of Philadelphia chromosome-positive leukemia, both in vitro and in vivo, Science Daily‎ reported.

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