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French PM shrugs off labor protests, truckers call strike
French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has shrugged off nationwide protests against planned reforms to France’s strict labor regulations, saying on Wednesday he was “listening” but would nonetheless press ahead with the bill.
Karroubi ends hunger strike after health minister’s visit
Mehdi Karroubi, a former Iranian Parliament speaker under house arrest for six years, ended his hunger strike late Thursday after the authorities accepted to remove security guards from his home in Tehran.
Spain calls in police to help with Barcelona airport strike
Spain on Friday called in police to help with security checks at Barcelona's busy airport as a strike continues at the peak of the holiday season, causing long queues and safety concerns.
Syrian army forces strike last militant stronghold near Damascus
Syrian government forces have intensified shelling and airstrikes on the last militant stronghold near the capital city of Damascus as army soldiers and allied fighters from popular defense groups continue to make territorial gains against foreign-sponsored militant groups across the war-battered country.
Shamkhani: US strikes in Syria’s Raqqa amount to genocide
Iran's top security official said US airstrikes on Syria’s northern province of Raqqa using banned weapons amount to genocide in the war-stricken Arab country
Hundreds go on strike at Indonesia's largest cargo terminal
Hundreds of workers have gone on strike at Indonesia's largest container terminal, a union official said Friday, paralyzing operations and forcing incoming shipments to be diverted.
Bank of England staff begin first strike in 50 years
Staff at the Bank of England began their first strike in more than 50 years on Tuesday in a push for higher pay, highlighting growing pressure to end tight controls on public-sector wages in Britain.
Two dead as nationwide anti-gov’t strike hit Venezuela
Maduro vows to “capture all fascist terrorists”
British Airways cabin crew begins two-week strike in pay dispute
Some British Airways cabin crew began a two-week strike on Saturday in a prolonged pay dispute, risking further brand damage and travel disruption, although the airline said most passengers would be able to fly.
Lavrov: Russia to respond 'in proportion' to US strike on Syria
Russia has said it will react "in proportion" to any US military actions against Syria on the pretense of preventing a chemical attack.
Garbage crisis raises health fears in Greece amid strike by municipal workers
A 10-day garbage strike in the Greek capital Athens has posed the possible threat of a public health crisis amid a face-off between the government and municipal workers over labor disputes and austerity cuts.
Iraqi forces release border crossing to Syria from Daesh
British Airways (BA) cabin crew are to stage a two-week strike from July 1, the Unite union said, in a long-running dispute over pay and benefits.
Farmers in western India strike for third day in row over loan waivers
Indian farmers in the western state of Maharashtra held back farm produce in the province for a third day on Saturday, despite the state's assurance that it would waive loans held by defaulting farmers with small tracts of land and low incomes.
Romanian air traffic controllers go on strike
Romanian air traffic controllers staged a four-hour strike on Tuesday to demand better working conditions, leading to some cancellations and delays.
Iraqis demand compensation after US probe into Mosul strike
Iraqi officials demanded compensation from the US-led coalition following an investigation into a March 17 airstrike in which the Pentagon acknowledged a US bomb targeting Daesh terrorist group members in Mosul set off a series of explosions that killed more than 100 civilians.

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