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Want to do something good for the environment? Ditch animal products, go vegan!
A vegan diet includes reduced consumption of animal products, which have a higher environmental impact than plant-based products.
Something is killing the world’s snakes
A strange disease is threatening the existence of snakes on the planet and scientists do not how to prevent the disease from spreading.
There’s another reason why working moms feel so guilty
If you're a working mom who feels guilty about the amount of time you spend away from your kids, there might be something more than just a busy workload at play. According to a new study, working moms' guilt can often come from their childhood experiences and the way their own parents operated.
Want to learn something? Sleep on it, but not too deeply
Scientists fascinated by the idea that humans might be able to learn while asleep — a new language, said, or a piece of music — have long been coming up with clashing experimental results.
There’s something cool about Arctic bird poop
Seabird poop helps the Arctic keep its cool, new research suggested.
‘Something’s going on’: Trump on Clinton’s health
US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has commented on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia "diagnosis", saying “something’s going on” with her.

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