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Most Americans say social media is making the news worse
Americans say social media is hurting the news.
When will social media companies get serious about their effect on young kids?
The list of people who are worried about what technology and social media are doing to our kids’ brains is growing.
Retaliatory violence between police and citizens  primed by social media
Does social media coverage of fatal police-citizen incidents act as a virtual contagion? If a member of the public is killed by police, does it lead to future violence against law enforcement? Conversely, if an officer is killed in the line of duty, does it lead to future violence against citizens?
Secondary school pupils 'ill-equipped to cope' with stress of social media
Children moving from primary to secondary school are ill-equipped to deal with the onslaught of social media which takes on an increasingly important role in their lives, exposing them to significant emotional risk, a report said.
Is social media really all that bad?
At this festive time of year when social media traffic increases exponentially, it seems pertinent to ask, is it ruining our lives?
Researcher finds temporary social media eases inhibitions but not judgment
Yeah, it's temporary, but you still might want to think twice before posting that.
Cases of minors falling prey to crimes via social media rise
A record number of minors were victims of crimes such as child pornography and prostitution through social media in the first half of 2017, Japan’s police data showed on Thursday.
Saudi Arabia arrests 46 people amid crackdown on dissent
Saudi Arabia has detained 46 people over their posts on social media amid a heavy-handed crackdown on dissent in the Arab kingdom.
Social media's role during Hurricane Irma (video)
Social media used for preparation and reaction.
Two-thirds of American adults get news from social media
About two-thirds of American adults are getting ’at least some of their news on social media’ with two-in-ten doing so often, according to a Pew Research Center survey this week.
Zimbabweans facing jail time over social media abuse
The Zimbabwe government said it plans to pass a new law that will see people being jailed for up to 10 years for abusing social media.
Social media companies step up removals of online hate speech: EU
Social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube have stepped up both the speed and number of removals of hate speech on their platforms in response to EU pressure to do more to tackle the issue, results of an EU evaluation seen by Reuters showed.
Most teens have taken social media break
The common stereotype has teens glued to their phones 24-7. But nearly 60 percent of teens in the US have actually taken a break from social media, the bulk of them even voluntarily, a new survey found.
Turkey arrests 1,656 for social media posts over past six months
Turkish authorities have arrested 1,656 people in the past six months for their posts on social media as part of a massive crackdown Ankara has been waging against plotters and sympathizers of a failed coup in the summer.
Social media browsing makes you miserable
Too much social media browsing at Christmas — and seeing all those ‘perfect’ families and holiday photos — is more likely to make you miserable than festive, research suggests.

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