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Millennials, here's how you can use social media in times of crisis
Millennials are often criticized for their over-reliance on social media. They often prefer online health advice to doctor’s visits; plan their vacation based on the destination’s ‘instagram-worthiness’ and cite social media as their main news source.
Though distracted by social media, students are still listening
A new study found that social media distraction in the classroom interferes with visual, but not auditory, learning in college students.
Egypt bans Blue Whale social media game over suicide claims
Egypt's top Islamic body has banned a social media game that allegedly entices teenagers to commit suicide, saying it contains elements that are prohibited by Islam.
Social media related to violence by young people
Youth workers should be given training sessions on the link between social media and violence, experts have told the Guardian, amid warnings that gangs are increasingly using social media sites to taunt each other.
Bahrain vows to come down hard on anti-regime social media activists
Bahraini authorities have announced they would be taking "severe measures" to track down political dissidents and anti-regime activists who use social media as the ruling Al Khalifah dynasty does not shy away from its heavy-handed crackdown on pro-democracy campaigners in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom.
How to cure your social media addiction
Is social media the greatest invention of the 21st century — or the newest way we’re putting ourselves and our families in danger?
Why millennial citizens want governments to be more active on social media
The US President Donald Trump sends out daily tweets. While they are often rants about people, the media and situations, no one can say he does not have a social media presence.
Parents must stop defending their children on social media
Parents should stop defending their children on social media because it only makes the bullying worse, headteachers have said.
Sri Lanka blocks social media as Buddhist mobs attack mosques
Sri Lanka shut down social messaging networks including Facebook on Wednesday to control violence targeted at the country’s minority Muslims, officials said, even after the imposition of emergency on the Buddhist-majority island.
Is your kid cheating in school with technology, social media?
Students once passed notes or looked over their shoulder to cheat.
How social media can make life better for young people in care
When young people are ‘looked after’ by the state, they can live in a variety of care placements including children’s homes, foster parents or with friends or birth family relatives. These young people are known to be especially vulnerable to poor mental health. Many share too much with people who may do them harm — and too little with carers who are trying to help.
Social media erodes public trust in modern medicine
A rising tide of suspicion amplified by social networks has eroded public trust in modern medicine, leaving scientists and health officials scrambling for ways to shore up its credibility, experts say.
Most Americans say social media is making the news worse
Americans say social media is hurting the news.
When will social media companies get serious about their effect on young kids?
The list of people who are worried about what technology and social media are doing to our kids’ brains is growing.
Retaliatory violence between police and citizens  primed by social media
Does social media coverage of fatal police-citizen incidents act as a virtual contagion? If a member of the public is killed by police, does it lead to future violence against law enforcement? Conversely, if an officer is killed in the line of duty, does it lead to future violence against citizens?

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