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Sensitive ice stream has been draining Greenland glaciers for 45,000 years
Over the last 45,000 years, a thin drainage stream, stretching more than 595 meters through Greenland's ice sheet and glaciers, has been narrower than it is today more than half the time.
New stretchable electronic skin sensitive enough to feel ladybug footsteps
People with prosthetic limbs live without the ability to touch and feel the world around them.
New DNA wires 100 times more sensitive than other biosensors
Scientists in Sweden reported a nanoengineering innovation that offers hope for treatment of cancer, infections and other health problems —conductive wires of DNA enhanced with gold which could be used to electrically measure hundreds of biological processes simultaneously.
Australia's new cervical cancer test 'much more sensitive'
Women are being urged to take part in an updated national screening program that promises to protect millions from cervical cancer.
Researchers develop new light-sensitive crystalline material
Scientists discovered a new family of perovskites capable of changing shape in reaction to light.

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