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Scientists predict deadly epidemic worldwide
Researchers argue that new advanced drugs must be developed as soon as possible to prevent the deadly outbreak.
Scientists analyze first ancient human DNA from Southeast Asia
The first whole-genome analyses of ancient human DNA from Southeast Asia reveal that there were at least three major waves of human migration into the region over the last 50,000 years.
Seals help scientists study Antarctic ice sheet melting
A mass of warm, saline water, called circumpolar deep water, or CDW, found in the Southern Ocean's Amundsen Sea, has been blamed for the destabilization of Antarctica's ice shelves.
Scientists use mini tractor beam  to build tissue out of artificial cells
Scientists have constructed unique tissue-like structures using artificial cells and a tractor beam. The technology could eventually be used to create complex networks of artificial cells.
Scientists to develop Neanderthal 'miniature brains'
Scientists are to bring Neanderthal ‘miniature brains’ to life to see how humans differ to their closest relatives.
Scientists generate high-quality wheat A genome sequence
Bread wheat, feeding more than 35 percent of the human population and providing about 20 percent of calories and proteins consumed by humans, is a globally important crop due to its enhanced adaptability to a wide range of climates and improved grain quality for the production of baker's flour.
Scientists develop fire-resistant, fire-detecting wallpaper
Chinese scientists have developed a fire-resistant wallpaper that not only can withstand flames, but also detect fires and trigger an alarm if a fire occurs.
Scientists devise new model for origins of Darwin's finches
New research offers the best explanation to date of the origins of Darwin's finches.
Scientists make strong, super-tough carbon sheets at low temperature
An international research team led by scientists at Beihang University in China and The University of Texas at Dallas has developed high-strength, super-tough sheets of carbon that can be inexpensively fabricated at low temperatures.
Scientists observe nanomaterial formation in 4D
Material scientists at Northwestern University have designed a transmission electron microscope, or TEM, to capture high-resolution, multi-frame videos of nanoparticles.
Noah’s Ark to become reality as scientists hope to save DNA of million of animals
Scientists are creating a modern-day Noah’s Ark which will see them store the DNA of millions of species on Earth in most ambitious project in the history of modern biology”.
Scientists capture video of cells as they function inside organisms
Scientists have adapted an optics technique used by astronomers to render biological processes at both the cellular and sub-cellular level in unprecedented detail.
Scientists discover mechanism behind motor neuron disease
Scientists said they have made a breakthrough in understanding the cause of both motor neuron disease and a rare form of dementia.
Dogs probably can't predict earthquakes, scientists say
It's been suggested that dogs, cats and other animals can anticipate or predict an earthquake. For the first time, researchers have applied thorough scientific analysis to investigate the claim.

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