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Iran announces sanctions on 15 US companies
Iran has announced retaliatory sanctions on 15 American companies over their support for Israeli crimes and terrorism two days after Washington imposed bans on nearly a dozen foreign companies or individuals for aiding the Islamic Republic.
France's Le Pen calls for end to EU sanctions on Russia
France's far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has urged an end to the European Union (EU) sanctions imposed against Russia over the crisis in Ukraine.
Sanctions badly affect most needy in North Korea: UN report
The United Nations has warned that sanctions against North Korea are taking a serious toll on humanitarian aid activities in the country, where millions of women and children are reliant on donations.
New signs show doing post-sanctions business with Iran returning to normal: Report
Serious signs have appeared showing that doing business with Iran may have already started to return to normal a year after the removal of sanctions that had complicated commerce with the country since 2011.
Iran banks to push for post-sanctions thaw
Three major Iranian-owned banks in Britain are reportedly planning to push the country’s banks to do business with them through a top regulating agency.
Zarif: No to US troops in Syria, nuclear deal to stay
Sending US ground troops to Syria to fight Daesh will fan flames of extremism in the region that will impact the security of the whole world, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told CNN's Christiane Amanpour Friday.
Documents of sanctions losses to be submited to ECJ soon
A senior official at the Bank Tejarat of Iran said on Thursday that a lawsuit filed in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for losses Iran sustained during nuclear sanctions, was registered by the ECJ and that necessary documents will soon be handed over to the lawyers of the case.
Russia disagrees with US assessment of Iran
Moscow, Beijing protest sanctions
Russia said on Monday it did not agree with US President Donald Trump's assessment of Iran as "the number one terrorist state" and wanted to deepen what it described as already good ties with Tehran.
Iran announces reciprocal response to US sanctions
Iran's Foreign Ministry announces reciprocal response to the US move to impose sanctions on Tehran over its defensive missile program and spiritual support for Yemen's Houthi fighters.
US Treasury imposes new sanctions against Iran
The administration of US President Donald Trump has imposed new sanctions on multiple Iranian individuals and entities to ratchet up pressure on Iran over its missile program.
US House Speaker backs more sanctions on Iran
The Speaker of the US House of Representatives Paul Ryan says he would support additional sanctions on Iran over Tehran's recent missile tests.
US seeking pretext to impose sanctions on Iran: Pundit
Less than a week after his inauguration, US President Donald Trump has revealed plans to block visas for Iranian citizens as part of efforts to pile up pressure on the Islamic Republic.
Trump says may scrap Russia sanctions
US President-elect Donald Trump hinted that he may lift sanctions on Russia and won't stand by the "One China" policy unless Beijing improves its currency and trade practices.
Post-sanctions era revs up automotive sector
The post-sanctions era has stimulated Iran’s car industry and boosted the production capacity of domestic manufacturers, said the head of the First Congress of Financial Management on Auto Industry.
Russia vows retaliation in case of new US sanctions
Moscow has vowed retaliation if Washington issues further economic sanctions over alleged Russian cyber attacks during the US presidential elections.

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