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US obesity rates rising again
After briefly leveling off, the US obesity rate may be climbing again, according to a preliminary study.
US stocks fall sharply on rising trade war fears
US stocks tumbled on Friday after China rejected the idea of negotiating with the US to ease escalating trade tension and US President Donald Trump’s treasury secretary said ‘there is the potential of a trade war’.
Rising poverty gnaws at Italian social fabric
Roberto Biondi’s 89-year-old mother has Alzheimer‘s, is housebound and no longer recognizes her son. She is also the family’s main breadwinner.
Rising Chinese interest rates check big-city house price gains
House prices stopped rising in major Chinese cities in December as a scarcity of cheap mortgage deals choked sales.
Poverty rate in US rising at same pace of population
As US communities face challenges with crime, education and hunger, a new study is putting these issues into perspective.
Oil exports rising as joint fields produce more
Iran's oil exports, currently more than 2.6 million barrels per day (mbpd) including gas condensate, will increase in the six months from September 23 amid a rise in production capacity, a senior official said.
Rising violence forces 40,000 more to flee CAR's east
A fresh wave of violence has forced 40,000 more people to flee from their homes in the Central African Republic (CAR), bringing the number of refugees in the country's east to 100,000, an NGO said.
US dollar falls on rising concerns over Trump
The US dollar has plummeted amid a fresh crisis in the White House, raising concerns that President Donald Trump's economy-boosting agenda could be sidetracked.
Rising seas push some US migration to areas far from coast
Rising sea levels caused by climate change may drive US coastal residents to areas far from the seaboard, not just to adjacent inland regions, according to a study published online in the journal Nature Climate Change.
Rising divorce rate brought under control
The growing rate of divorce has been controlled in Iran, announced deputy head of the Judiciary's Department for Social Affairs and Crime Prevention.
Plants adapting to rising CO2 rates
New analysis of molecular signatures suggests plants are adapting the higher rates of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
US maternal death rate rising
The number of US women who die during or soon after pregnancy may be higher than previously thought — and it's on the rise, according to a new study.
Colon cancer rising in people under 50
Although overall colon cancer rates are declining, the rates among Americans under 50 have jumped more than 11 percent in the past decade, a new study finds.
US: Rising heat at work poses major new climate threat
Searing temperatures will cost emerging economies up to 10 percent in lost daytime working hours, if countries do not cut planet-warming emissions further than they have promised so far, UN agencies and international labor bodies said.
Rising oceans may pose a bigger threat than previously assumed
Of all the impacts of climate change, one stands out for its inexorable menace, writes Pete Dolack: Rising oceans. And it's not just for distant future generations to deal with: New scientific studies show that people alive today may face 6-9 meters of sea level rise flooding well over a million including many of the world's biggest cities. So where's the emergency response?

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