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Suicide rates on rise in US
Celebrity chef and CNN personality Anthony Bourdain was found dead in his hotel room in France of an apparent suicide, the network confirmed Friday. Bourdain’s CNN colleague Brian Stelter said on-air that Bourdain had hanged himself, just three days after celebrity designer Kate Spade took her life the same way in her New York City apartment, and one day after the CDC released a harrowing study on the rising suicide rates in the US.
Iran's pharmaceutical exports rise
A senior Iranian official said that the country's pharmaceutical exports witnessed a considerable growth in the year to March 20, 2018.
Nipah virus death toll rises to 15, two new cases found in India's Kerala
Two new cases of the deadly brain-damaging Nipah virus have been confirmed in the southern Indian state of Kerala, where another two people were killed by the virus, a health official said on Thursday.
Transit via Astara witnesses significant rise
Over 304,000 tons of goods, worth $1.206 billion were transited through Astara customs office in northwestern Iran in the ten months from March ‎‎21, 2017-January 21, 2018.
Retail sales in S. Korea up 9.4% in November
Retail sales in South Korea increased more than nine percent in November from a year earlier, led by strong demand for products sold through online malls and convenience stores, government data showed .
Homelessness in England rises by 75% among vulnerable groups
Homelessness among people with mental and physical health problems has increased by around 75 percent since the Conservatives came to power in 2010, and there has been a similar rise in the number of families with dependent children who are classed as homeless.
As hearing fades with age, dementia risk may rise
Age can often bring a loss of hearing, and for some, mental decline in the form of dementia. But are the two linked?
Diabetes, obesity reasons behind rise in cancer cases across the world
According to a recent study, 5.6% of all cancer cases throughout the world in 2012 were linked to pre-existing diabetes and a high body mass index (BMI).
Iran earthquake death toll rises to 483
The number of dead in a major earthquake that hit Iran's western province of Kermanshah this month has risen to 483, IRNA reported on Sunday.
The rise of respectful robots (Video)
A new robot has the mobility of R2-D2 and the manners of C-3PO.
Internet use on the rise in Myanmar
Myanmar is one of the great Internet stories of recent years, with millions of people coming online after decades of being virtually cut off from the rest of the world due to government oppression.
Iran-EU bilateral trade rises by 94 percent in one year
The total value of bilateral trade between Iran and the European Union (EU) over the first half of 2017 has reached about 9.9 billion euros, according to data released by the European Commission.
Unqualified teachers in UK rise by 62 percent
Unqualified teachers in schools have risen by 62 percent in four years, as headteachers struggle to cope amid a crisis in recruitment.
Rise in UK life expectancy has stalled since 2010
A century-long rise in life expectancy in the UK has stalled since 2010 when austerity brought about deep cuts in NHS and social care spending, according to research by a former government adviser on the links between poverty and ill-health.

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