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Researchers uncover ancient Greek island’s complex plumbing system
Around 4,500 years ago, ancient engineers and workers terraced the little island in the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea, creating a sort of step pyramid. They then imported hundreds of tons of gleaming white rock from the nearby island of Naxos, creating a bright outdoor shrine where early Greeks performed rituals.
Researchers borrow from AIDS playbook to tackle rheumatic heart disease
Billions of US taxpayer dollars have been invested in Africa over the past 15 years to improve care for millions suffering from the HIV-AIDS epidemic; yet health systems on the continent continue to struggle.
Researchers develop a remote-controlled cancer immunotherapy system
A team of researchers has developed an ultrasound-based system that can non-invasively and remotely control genetic processes in live immune T cells so that they recognize and kill cancer cells.
Researchers measure single atoms in a graphene 'petri-dish'
Researchers working at The University of Manchester have shown new possibilities for observing nanomaterials in liquids by creating a graphene 'petri-dish'.
Researchers demonstrate existence of a magnetoresistance involving topological insulators
From various magnetic tapes, floppy disks and computer hard disk drives, magnetic materials have been storing our electronic information along with our valuable knowledge and memories for well over half of a century.
Researchers design dendrite-free lithium battery
By designing a solid electrolyte that is rigid on one side and soft on the other, researchers have fabricated a lithium-metal battery that completely suppresses dendrite formation — a major safety hazard that can cause fires and shorten battery lifetime.
Researchers call for true picture of domestic violent crime
Violence against women could become significantly less visible in police-recorded crime figures when a new counting method comes into effect, warned researchers at Lancaster University.
Iran produces electric go-karts
Iranian researchers have, for the first time, manufactured electric go-karts equipped with a solar panel for recharging.
Iranian researchers use infrared waves to design abnormal body detection device
Iranian researchers have designed and manufactured abnormal body detection device using infrared waves.
Researchers discover higher environmental impact from cookstove emissions
Cookstoves are a central part of millions of homes throughout Asia: Families often use readily available and cheap biofuels — such as crop chaff or dung — to prepare the food needed to survive.
Iranian researchers develop new prosthetic limb
Researchers at the Isfahan University of Technology have managed to innovate a new prosthetic limb for people have difficulties below their knees.
New blood test better identifies those with celiac disease: Researchers
An experimental blood test accurately identifies people who do, or don't have celiac disease, even if they are following gluten-free diets, researchers said.
Researchers engineer microbes to form 'memories' of their environment
Microbes like bacteria aren't conscious enough to form memories, but a group of scientists in Texas developed a new way for them to do so at the genetic level.
Researchers prolong life by curbing common enzyme
Scientists successfully prolonged the lifespans of flies and worms by inhibiting the activity of an enzyme produced by all animals.
Researchers develop graphene nano 'tweezers' that can grab individual biomolecules
Researchers from the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering have found yet another remarkable use for the wonder material graphene — tiny electronic ‘tweezers’ that can grab biomolecules floating in water with incredible efficiency.

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