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Thousands of Syrian rebels to be transferred from Syria-Lebanon border
Thousands of Syrian fighters and refugees in Lebanon’s border region were set to be transferred into rebel territory in Syria in exchange for Hezbollah prisoners on Tuesday.
France announces plan to set up processing centers for refugees in Libya
President Emmanuel Macron has announced that France will set up processing centers in Libya for refugees and asylum seekers attempting to reach Europe through a perilous journey across the Mediterranean.
Libya rescues some 278 refugees off western shores
Some 278 refugees have been rescued by the Libyan coastguard off the country's western shores in the Mediterranean Sea.
5,000 refugees rescued, 24 found dead off Libya
Rescuers have managed to save a large number of migrants from the Mediterranean Sea, while also recovering at least 24 bodies of people who could not be saved at Libyan shores.
EU leaders to discuss refugees in key summit in Brussels
European Union leaders are set to hold a key summit in Brussels to discuss in more depth the body’s plans for dealing with refugees.
Low- or middle-income countries host 84% of world refugees: UN Chief
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that 84 percent of the world’s refugees are hosted by low-or middle-income countries.
Where will they go?
Housing refugees of Middle East conflicts:
Prolonged conflicts in the Middle East have led to a deadly humanitarian crisis, with as many as 17.5 million people displaced in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.
Libya coastguard intercepts over 900 refugees in Mediterranean Sea
Libya says it has intercepted over 900 refugees bound for Europe off the western city of Sabratha.
UN: Australia responsible for 'inhuman' treatment of asylum seekers
Australia has “clear and undeniable” responsibility for the physical and psychological damage its illegal offshore detention regime has caused to asylum seekers and refugees, a senior UN official said.
Eight refugees drown as boat sinks off Libya's coast
At least eight refugees have drowned when their Europe-bound boat sank off Libya's coast, a coastguard official says.
More than 40 refugees found dead in Niger Sahara desert
The bodies of dozens of refugees, including women and children, have been found in Niger’s Sahara Desert, where they were apparently abandoned by smugglers en route to Libya and eventually Europe.
30 more refugees feared dead off Libya coast
As many as 30 people were trampled or drowned after a recent shipwreck involving refugees off the coast of Libya in the Mediterranean.
UN increases appeal for South Sudan refugees
UN agencies increased their 2017 appeal for South Sudan's refugees on Monday, saying they needed at least $1.4 billion to help alleviate "unimaginable" levels of suffering.
New images show Rohingya refugees with army-inflicted wounds, burns
The Myanmarese army is under more pressure over its brutalities against Rohingya Muslims after fresh images emerged reportedly showing refugees from the minority group with wounds and burns sustained during a military crackdown.
Bangladeshi police detain Rohingya refugees headed to Malaysia
Bangladeshi security forces have detained more than a dozen members of Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya Muslim community and two men accused of attempting to smuggle them into Malaysia by boat.

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