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UN increases appeal for South Sudan refugees
UN agencies increased their 2017 appeal for South Sudan's refugees on Monday, saying they needed at least $1.4 billion to help alleviate "unimaginable" levels of suffering.
New images show Rohingya refugees with army-inflicted wounds, burns
The Myanmarese army is under more pressure over its brutalities against Rohingya Muslims after fresh images emerged reportedly showing refugees from the minority group with wounds and burns sustained during a military crackdown.
Bangladeshi police detain Rohingya refugees headed to Malaysia
Bangladeshi security forces have detained more than a dozen members of Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya Muslim community and two men accused of attempting to smuggle them into Malaysia by boat.
French police evict refugees from Paris tent camp
Police in France have evacuated about 1,000 refugees, mostly Afghans and Sudanese, from a tent camp in northeast Paris.
UN urges Britain to take in more refugees
The United Nations refugee agency has urged Britain’s next government to "do the right thing" for refugees by accepting to resettle more people from conflict-torn regions.
3,000 refugees rescued off Libya coast: Italian coastguard
Some 3,000 refugees and asylum seekers have reportedly been rescued from unseaworthy boats off the Libyan coast during a second day of operations in the Mediterranean Sea.
EU leaving refugees to drown, say NGO rescuers
Charity groups and NGOs have rescued over 2,000 desperate refugees in the rough waters of the Mediterranean in a single day, criticizing the European Union for failing to conduct necessary search and rescue operations to prevent further loss of life.
UN: Refugees traded in Libya ‘slave markets’
The United Nations has raised alarm over a climbing number of refugees passing through Libya who are being traded in so-called slave markets before being held for ransom and subjected to malnutrition and sexual abuse.
UN calls on EU states not to return asylum seekers to Hungary
The United Nations in a rare step has called on the European Union (EU) member states to temporarily suspend sending Middle Eastern and African refugees and asylum seekers, including children, to Hungary for assessment due to the dire conditions awaiting them in the central European country.
UN hails Iran for keeping doors open to refugees
The United Nations has praised Iran for generously hosting millions of violence-stricken asylum seekers and refugees, particularly those from neighboring Afghanistan.
Over 20,000 Myanmar refugees enter China amid fighting between army, rebels: Beijing
Thousands of people from Myanmar have fled into China following recent intense clashes between the military and armed ethnic rebel groups, a senior Chinese official says.
Germany to 'evaluate' refugees' mobile phone data in certain cases: Minister
Germany will begin to "evaluate" the mobile phone data of refugees in certain cases to speed up their deportation process once they are denied refugee status, the German interior minister says.
Germany deported 80,000 refugees last year: Official
A top German official says Berlin has deported a record 80,000 refugees denied asylum last year and will set another record high in deportations in 2017.
Hundreds of thousands march for refugees in Spain
Hundreds of thousands of people in Spain have taken part in a rally calling on the government to take in more refugees from war-ravaged nations.

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