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Cancer survival rates up
Cancer survival rates are at the highest ever with more than 2,000 more people recovering from the disease this year able to enjoy Christmas with their families.
Britain, sixth fattest nation
Spiraling obesity levels have left Britain the sixth fattest nation in the world, with rates rising faster even than those in the US, a new report showed.
HIV rates on rise among over 50s in Europe
Around one in six new cases of HIV diagnosed in Europe are in people over the age of 50, health officials said, showing a need to raise awareness and tailor testing programs to older generations.
Married heart disease patients have better survival rates
Researchers at Aston Medical School in Birmingham, England, found that being married increases the survival rate for patients with heart disease.
Pancreatic cancer trial: Early surgery boosts success rates
Speeding up access to surgery for pancreatic cancer patients diagnosed early enough increased success rates by a third, a pilot scheme has shown.
Discrimination linked to increased pediatric asthma rates
A new study shows that African-American children who experience discrimination are at a greater risk of having asthma.
IMF: Low interest rates put global financial sector at risk
A prolonged period of low interest rates will tempt banks to take greater risks and sound the death knell for final salary pensions, the International Monetary Fund has warned.
Iran tells banks to sell dollars at free rates
The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) says it has authorized banks to deal in foreign exchange trading at a free-market rate – a move which is expected to help control the rising rates of the dollar.
Smoking rates still high among racial groups
Despite a lot of progress in getting Americans to stop smoking, some groups still have high smoking rates, a US government study shows.
Pound plunges as BoE cuts interest rates
The pound slumped 1.4 percent after the Bank of England's decision to cut interest rates to an historic low of 0.25 percent.
Paid maternity leave linked to lower infant mortality rates
Every additional month of paid maternity leave is associated with a 13-percent reduction in infant mortality rates in low-income countries and the developing world, a recent study suggests.
Federal Reserve raises interest rates for first time since 2006
The US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade.
US police chiefs discuss rising homicide rates
Police chiefs from major cities in the United States have met in Washington D.C. to discuss the dramatic rise in violent crime in the country.
Iran’s banks agree to cut rates to 20%
Iranian banks are to lower their annual interest rate to 20 percent, the country’s media reported on Saturday.

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