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Designer diamonds could one day help build quantum Internet
A new kind of artificial diamond is a cut above the rest for quantum memory.
Tiny version of this physics toy revealing quantum secrets
A simple toy is helping scientists understand new details of a mysterious quantum process.
Quantum drum can vibrate and stand still at the same time
Scientists have built a tiny drum that both vibrates and remains still when struck by a drumstick made of light. The feat blurs the lines between the quantum world and the visible world defined by classical physics.
Quantum physicists achieve entanglement record
Entanglement is of central importance for the new quantum technologies of the 21st century.
New chip technology can lead to better quantum computing power
An international team, including Chinese researchers, has demonstrated a large-scale integrated quantum photonic circuit, which may pave the way for manufacturing massive components for the realization of an optical quantum computer, according to a study recently released by the University of Bristol.
Google moves toward quantum supremacy with 72-qubit computer
Researchers from Google are testing a quantum computer with 72 quantum bits, or qubits, scientists reported at a meeting of the American Physical Society — a big step up from the company’s previous nine-qubit chip.
Quantum computers 'one step closer'
Quantum computing has taken a step forward with the development of a programmable quantum processor made with silicon.
Researchers implement 3-qubit Grover search on a quantum computer
Searching large, unordered databases for a desired item is a time-consuming task for classical computers, but quantum computers are expected to perform these searches much more quickly.
'Quantum radio' may aid communications and mapping indoors, underground and underwater
Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have demonstrated that quantum physics might enable communications and mapping in locations where GPS and ordinary cellphones and radios don't work reliably or even at all, such as indoors, in urban canyons, underwater and underground.
High-speed quantum encryption may help secure the future Internet
Recent advances in quantum computers may soon give hackers access to machines powerful enough to crack even the toughest of standard internet security codes.
New quantum computer chip uses sounds waves to store data
Scientists have designed a new quantum computer chip that uses sound waves to store and convert quantum data.
New quantum memory device small enough to fit on a chip (Video)
A team of researchers from the US and Italy built a quantum memory device that is approximately 1,000 times smaller than similar devices — small enough to install on a chip.
Physicists make quantum leap in understanding life's nanoscale machinery
A diagnostic technique that can detect tiny molecules signaling the presence of cancer could be on the horizon.
Quantum tractor beam could tug atoms, molecules
The wavelike properties of quantum matter could lead to a scaled-down version of Star Trek technology.
Protecting quantum computing networks against hacking threats
Protecting traditional computer systems, which use zeros and ones, from hackers is not a perfect science.

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