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Social housing to provide same emotional benefits as home ownership
New research from the University of Birmingham and VIVID Housing Association has found for the first time a link between well-being and housing tenure — with social renters more likely than homeowners to have lower levels of anxiety.
Hibernating ground squirrels provide clues to new stroke treatments
In the fight against brain damage caused by stroke, researchers have turned to an unlikely source of inspiration: hibernating ground squirrels.
China signs deal to provide Iran with $10bn in loans
China has signed an agreement with Iran to provide a credit line of $10 billion for its infrastructure projects – what is seen as the biggest economic deal between the two countries after the removal of sanctions against the Islamic Republic in 2016.
Computer models provide new understanding of sickle cell disease
Computer models developed by Brown University mathematicians show new details of what happens inside a red blood cell affected by sickle cell disease.
Bird songs provide insight into how developing brain forms memories
Researchers at the University of Chicago have demonstrated, for the first time, that a key protein complex in the brain is linked to the ability of young animals to learn behavioral patterns from adults.
Iran to provide Qatar with needed humanitarian aid
Iranian FM Zarif in a meeting with former UN chief Kofi Annan said Iran will provide Qatar with its required humanitarian aid following the country’s blockade by Saudi Arabia.
Kazakhstan ready to provide Brazil with uranium
Kazakhstan is offering to sell uranium to Brazil to cover the shortage of fuel for its atomic energy program and help the South American nation explore its large reserves of uranium ore, a senior Kazak official said on Friday.
Plans to provide electronic services to schools
The Sixth Development Plan (2017-2022) has assigned the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to prepare plans to make all Iranian schools smart and supply electronic textbooks, said the deputy communications minister for planning and strategic supervision.
Old-growth forests may provide buffer against rising temperatures
The soaring canopy and dense understory of an old-growth forest could provide a buffer for plants and animals in a warming world, according to a study from Oregon State University published in Science Advances.
Russia to provide Iran with $5bn credit
Officials in Tehran said on Wednesday that Russia has pledged to issue a credit line of $5 billion for joint projects with Iran.
US to empower militants fighting in Syria to call in airstrikes
The United States has planned to provide the so-called moderate militants fighting in Syria with pick-up trucks equipped with machine guns and radio to enable them to call in US airstrikes directly, a report says.

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