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Engineers program tiny robots to move, think like insects
While engineers have had success building tiny, insect-like robots, programming them to behave autonomously like real insects continues to present technical challenges.
New setup for image recognition AI lets a program think on its feet
Artificial intelligence is getting some better perspective. Like a person who can read someone else’s penmanship without studying lots of handwriting samples, next-gen image recognition AI can more easily identify familiar sights in new situations.
CRAFT program helps families assist addicts seek treatment
A family-focused approach that supports families as they help a person get the treatment they need is proving to be successful, said a clinical psychologist at the provincial addiction treatment facility in Mount Herbert, P.E.I.
Children's health program in US faces uncertain future
A 20 year-old health care program for low-income children is in danger of dying in the US, putting nearly 30,000 Central Florida children at risk of losing coverage.
Study finds new program reduces absenteeism in primary schools
While most truancy prevention efforts focus on middle and high school students, the Early Truancy Prevention Program concentrates on first- and second-grade students. The pilot was field-tested at five schools in a mid-sized North Carolina school district. This is among the first programs for primary school students that has been effective in improving absenteeism rates, wrote.
Thousands protest against rescinding 'dreamer' immigration program
Mass protests have been held in cities across the United States after President Donald Trump canceled the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that protected young immigrants.
Iran’s new minister says missile program will continue unabated
Iran’s new Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said the missile program of the Islamic Republic will push ahead relentlessly, vowing to continue activities of the country’s defense industry.
New program offers mediation services for caregivers, elderly
Kuʻikahi Mediation Center and West Hawaiʻi Mediation Center, in the US, in partnership with Hawai’i County Office of Aging, have partnered to launch a new program providing mediation and conflict resolution support services for kupuna (older person), caregivers and families on Hawaiʻi Island.
Parents worry about undocumented kids in medicaid program
Luz felt relieved and grateful when she learned that her 16-year-old son qualified for full coverage under Medicaid. Now, she worries that the information she provided to the government health program could put her family at risk of deportation.
Indian cabinet approves plans to build 10 nuclear reactors
India's cabinet approved plans on Wednesday to build 10 nuclear reactors with a combined capacity of 7,000 megawatts (MW), more than the country's entire current capacity, to try fast-track its domestic nuclear power program.
Program helps young adults with autism find jobs during pilot study
When kids with autism graduate high school, they may need adult services to help them find a job or live on their own. And parents may need a helping hand in navigating the new and confusing system, researchers said.
MPs issue statement on Iran's missile program
A myriad of Iranian MPs, in a statement issued on Wednesday, emphasized that Iran’s missile tests were by no means incompatible with resolutions of UN Security Council.
Iran official: Missile program will not be abandoned
An Iranian Foreign Ministry official said the Islamic Republic’s missile program serves the country’s national interests and will not be abandoned.

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