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First dairy drink produced in Iran
Researchers from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran managed to produce the first dairy drink made from milk.
Alopam produced domestically
Alopam ― a medicine for treating lung cancer ― has been produced domestically, said the head of Oncology Ward of Rasoul Akram Hospital.
Hormone produced by bones improves athletic performance
A protein produced by the bones can rejuvenate the function of muscle, researchers found in experiments with mice, suggesting new ways to increase the amount of exercise people get as they age — which may help keep them healthier.
Huge leap to mass produced platelets
Scientists have made a significant leap towards mass producing platelets — the part of the blood that forms clots.
Anti-migraine drug produced
An Iranian company has managed to domestically produce Depakine which is used in treating migraine and epilepsy, said Director of Iranian Headache Association Dr. Ehsan Mohammadiani-Nejad.
Nanoparticle produced from albumen
Researchers of Mashhad University of Medical Scinces have produced a nanoparticle from albumen.
Documentary on Morteza Pashaei to be produced
The father of the late Iranian pop star Morteza Pashaei said that a documentary of Morteza is being produced which will be released by March 2015.
Petrochem output exceeds 30m tons
Iranian petrochemical companies produced over 30m tons of products during March 21-November 21, 2014.

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