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Is eating seafood key to getting pregnant?
Couples may have an easier time conceiving if both the man and the woman eat seafood more frequently, a new study suggested.
Pregnant women drinking three cups of tea raise risk of overweight children
Drinking three cups of tea a day during pregnancy increases the risk of having overweight children, according to a study of more than 50,000 mothers.
For women with history of pregnancy loss, walking may aid chance of becoming pregnant
Results of a recent study to better understand modifiable factors such as physical activity that may affect a woman's ability to conceive a child suggest that walking may help women to improve their chances of becoming pregnant.
Women who eat fast food take longer to become pregnant
Women, who eat less fruit and more fast food, take longer to get pregnant and are less likely to conceive within a year, according to a study by researchers at the University of Adelaide's Robinson Research Institute.
180 million-year-old ichthyosaur was pregnant with octuplets
Scientists have identified the remains of six to eight tiny embryos inside the womb of a 180 million-year-old ichthyosaur specimen. The ancient reptile was pregnant with octuplets when she passed away.
Exercising while pregnant can reduce time spent in labor, study finds
Maintaining an active lifestyle during pregnancy can reduce the amount of time spent in labor during childbirth, a study has concluded.
Study links sugary drinks during pregnancy to childhood asthma
Kids are more likely to develop asthma if their moms chug sugary drinks during pregnancy, a new study suggests.
Iran slams Australia for lack of cooperation over pregnant inmate’s case
Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Qashqavi criticized the Australian government for its refusal to cooperate with Tehran on the case of an Iranian pregnant woman detained on charges of violating US commercial laws.
More pregnant women to get GBS treatment
All pregnant women who go into labor too soon should be given antibiotics to protect their baby from a potentially deadly infection called Group B Strep (GBS), said new guidelines.
Should pregnant mothers hang up their cell phones?
Children whose mothers were frequent cell phone users during pregnancy were more likely than those of less frequent users to be hyperactive, a new study found.
Baby's sex plays a role in pregnant women's immunity
Women have claimed for years that their bodies react differently whether they're pregnant with a male or female baby.
Living by busy roads riskier for pregnant women
Expectant mothers living close to busy roads are at greater risk of serious complications in pregnancy, experts have found.
High iron levels in pregnant women linked to gestational diabetes
High levels of iron have been linked with an increased risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes), begging the question whether routine recommendations of iron supplements are warranted, a new study says.
Thailand considers Zika tests for all pregnant women
Thailand is considering testing all pregnant women for Zika, the health ministry said on Monday, following confirmation last week of its first known cases of microcephaly, a birth defect marked by small head size, linked to the Zika virus.
16 pregnant women in Singapore confirmed to have Zika
A total of 16 pregnant women have been confirmed to have the Zika virus in Singapore, the Ministry of Health said on Sept. 23, nearly a month since the first locally transmitted Zika case was identified by authorities.

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