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Germany plans to free public transport to slash pollution
Germany could slash numbers of cars on roads by making public transport free, ministers have suggested, as Berlin scrambles to meet EU air pollution targets and avoid big fines.
Air pollution in Iran’s Ahvaz 60 times higher than safe levels
Heavy air pollution caused by haze and dust particles in Iran’s southwestern city of Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, has surged to 60 times above safe levels, crossing the “hazardous” level, in which the entire population is likely to experience adverse health effects.
President Rouhani: Iran cannot be indifferent to air pollution
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that people cannot live with air pollution and “we cannot be indifferent to the problem.”
One of London's busiest roads hits annual pollution limit
London has reached its annual air pollution limit just one month into the year, for the eighth year in a row.
Curbs on fuel pollution ruled out in favor of cheaper options
Moves to introduce stringent regulations for Australian fuels have been excluded from the government’s most recent consultation paper in favor of cheaper options that would result in more damage to the environment and public health.
Is pollution artificially shielding us from climate change?
Pollution and climate change both threaten our health as individuals and our survival as a species. Their mutual relationship may seem straightforward: Since the industrial revolution, thick smoke belching from chimneys and cars has contributed to both warming the planet and clouding our streets in equal measure.
Blinded by the light: Birds lured into ecological traps by light pollution
Humans aren't the only animal drawn to the bright lights of the big city.
Water pollution: Tiny piece of paper can make water safer to drink
A microbial-based paper sensor that can detect toxic compounds in water has been developed by scientists.
River pollution, key concern of Kiwis
A Colmar Brunton poll has revealed pollution of lakes and rivers around New Zealand is one of the top two concerns for Kiwis.
UK Coffee chains under pressure to reveal extent of plastic pollution
Leading high street coffee chains have been urged to come clean about the amount of plastic waste they produce after they refused to release details about the number of throwaway cups sold in their shops.
8m UK children breathing in illegally high levels of air pollution
Estimates show 61 percent of under-18s live in areas where nitrogen dioxide exceeded legal limits in the UK in 2015.
Schools shut for fourth day in Tehran due air pollution
Iran shut schools in the capital Tehran and some other major cities for the fourth consecutive day due to high levels of air pollution.
Schools closed in several Iranian cities due to air pollution
Air pollution has prompted Iranian authorities to close schools in the capital Tehran and other major cities across the country.
Heavy air pollution shuts schools in Iran
Iran shut primary schools in the capital and other parts of the country on Sunday due to choking levels of air pollution.

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