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Can Norway help us solve the plastic crisis, one bottle at a time?
Tens of thousands of brightly colored plastic drinks bottles tumble from the back of a truck on to a conveyor belt before disappearing slowly inside a warehouse on the outskirts of Oslo.
Plastic is light, versatile and here to stay — for now
Because of their role in global pollution, plastics are hugely controversial. But the resilient, supple, light and malleable materials play a key role in our lives and, according to experts, will remain crucial for a long time to come. Here are a few things to know about the world of plastic, reported.
Marine plastic: Hundreds of fragments in dead seabirds
New footage of the devastating impact of plastic pollution on wildlife has been captured by a BBC team.
Plastic bag among 3,500 pieces of debris found at deepest point in ocean
Plastic and other pieces of debris have been found in the deepest parts of the ocean, according to a new study.
Eight months on, is Kenya's plastic bag ban working?
Waterways are clearer, the food chain is less contaminated with plastic — and there are fewer ‘flying toilets’.
'Plastic, plastic, plastic': British diver films sea of rubbish off Bali
A short video posted by diver Rich Horner on his social media account and on YouTube shows the water densely strewn with plastic waste and yellowing food wrappers, the occasional tropical fish darting through the deluge.
Plastic pollution: Scientists' plea on threat to ocean giants
Scientists are calling for research on the impacts of microplastics on whales, sharks and rays that strain tiny food, like plankton, out of seawater.
Hundreds of UK MPs call on supermarkets to scrap plastic packaging
Two hundred cross-party UK MPs are calling on heads of the major supermarkets to eliminate plastic packaging from their products by 2023.
The last straw: Is time up for this plastic relic?
Every day, Americans throw away 500 million plastic straws, enough to circle the Earth twice, or fill 125 school buses.
Plastic bag charge to be extended to all shops in UK
The 5p plastic bag levy is to be extended as part of government plans to tackle ‘throwaway culture’ in a 25-year environment plan being published later this week.
UK 'faces build-up of plastic waste'
A new ban on most foreign waste in China could impact recycling in the UK.
$180b invested in plastic production risks irreversible damage to environment
The world uses a massive amount of plastic, which threatens the integrity of the world’s oceans and food chains. The problem is so widespread that a massive pile of plastic garbage million square miles wide (or roughly the size of Mexico) exists in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Furthermore, plastic fibers have recently been found within the stomachs of animals that live in the ocean’s deepest depths. Given the size of the problem, many conservation groups are urging us to cut back on our use of plastics.
UN resolution could be 'tipping point' in battle to rid oceans of plastic
Hidden amid the international outrage sparked by Donald Trump’s latest foray into Middle-Eastern politics, the world’s environment ministers were quietly agreeing a UN resolution that could prove the ‘tipping point’ in the battle against plastic pollution in our oceans.
Uranium to replace plastic?  Chemistry breakthrough could pave the way for new materials
Uranium can perform reactions that previously no one thought possible, which could transform the way industry makes bulk chemicals, polymers, and the precursors to new drugs and plastics, according to new findings from The University of Manchester.
Scientists trace path of inland plastic pollution from rivers to ocean
The problem of plastic pollution in the ocean is much talked about. But where does all that garbage come from? How do plastics from inland cities make their way into the ocean?

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