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32,000 online businesses identified in Iran: Official
The Iranian government has identified 32,000 online businesses in the country, said the secretary of the Association of Online Business.
China exposes corruption in poverty relief online
China's top anti-graft body opened a new section on its website to expose cases of corruption and misconduct in the country's poverty relief drive.
Seniors want to know whom they can trust online
Seniors have grown so concerned about their safety online that some avoid even low-risk activities such as online banking and shopping that could make their lives easier, a U of T study has found.
Online shopping is making you weak and feeble
Without a doubt, the online age has made shopping easier and more accessible.
Talk to your children about online lives every two weeks
A leading charity has urged parents to do more to keep their children safe online as new figures reveal how often young people are exposed to violence, hatred, sexual content, bullying and other inappropriate content when using the Internet.
Controlling UK illegal online pharmacies impossible
It is 'completely impossible' to control the vast numbers of unlicensed pharmacies illegally selling drugs online, the British medical regulatory agency has warned.
Link found between online activity and genes
How many hours you devote to social networking, gaming and other online media may depend on your genes, British researchers report.
Don't smile too big to be effective in online marketing ads
If you're seeking investments through online marketing or crowd-funding websites, be sure to smile in your profile photo or your post. But maybe not too big .
Fajr festival to go online to reach out to music fans
The 32nd Fajr International Music Festival will be held online for the first time to draw more audience, said the director of the festival.
Protect your children online
Almost all Malaysian parents worry about their child’s safety online, yet less than half of them actually do something about it, a survey showed.
Iranian singer Qorbani to present online concert
Iranian singer Alireza Qorbani said that he will perform an online concert which people can watch live at home on June 1.
Machines deciding what we see online
The Washington Post wrote earlier this week on Google’s increasing use of knowledge boxes in its searches – the inset boxes at the top of search results that attempt to shortcut the search process by displaying the actual factoid of interest on top of the traditional infinite page of hyperlinks. As users increasingly access the web through mobile and voice, the goal of such systems is to get the user an answer such as “how many ounces in a pound” or “who is the president of Estonia” as quickly as possible. Whereas search engines of the past simply returned a pile of links for a user to wade through, the goal of knowledge boxes is to provide the actual response the user is looking for by leveraging advances in natural language processing to have machines actually understand the user’s question.
Parents warned over posting children’s photos online
French parents are being warned to stop posting pictures of children on social networks in case their offspring later sue them for breaching their right to privacy or jeopardizing their security.
Online advertising can work in a world of ad blockers
Ask online advertisers what their biggest headache is today, and they will probably say ad blockers, which are browser extensions and add-ons that can remove adverts from websites.
Online shopping might not be as green as thought
Logic suggests that online shopping is greener than traditional shopping. After all, when people shop from home, they are not jumping into their cars, one by one, to travel to the mall or the big box store.

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