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Norouz the advent of spring
Iranian community is getting ready to celebrate one of its most important holidays, Norouz, the Persian New Year.
China marks Lunar New Year with prayers, incense, fireworks
Chinese are lighting incense sticks and praying at temples to wish for an auspicious start to the Lunar New Year.
UK queen misses another New Year event due to poor health
UK’s Queen Elizabeth II has missed a New Year's Day church service due to what the Buckingham Palace described as a “lingering heavy cold,” a week after the 90-year-old monarch missed a Christmas Day service for the first time in decades.
Pope: Terrorism casts bloodstain over world
Pope Francis urged leaders to work together to fight the "plague of terrorism", saying in his New Year's address on Sunday that a bloodstain was covering the world as it started 2017.
Leader: Resistance Economy best solution to Iran's problems
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says tackling economic problems is Iran's top priority, stressing that the Resistance Economy is key to resolution of the country’s economic woes.
Chinese, Iranian new year celebrated in Tehran
Chinese and Iranian New Year was celebrated at the Chinese Embassy in Tehran on Thursday.
Rouhani: Let’s look for peace, not hostility
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani extended his congratulations to people in the world on the occasion of the New Year of the Gregorian calendar, stressing the importance of promoting peace across the globe.
World welcomes New Year despite terror fears
Millions welcomed the New Year with cheers on Friday, although tightened security put a damper on festivities in Europe where Germany evacuated stations over an imminent terror threat and a huge hotel fire sparked panic in Dubai.
Huge fire erupt in Dubai hotel ahead of New Year fest
A huge fire has engulfed a hotel in Dubai ahead of New Year celebrations.
Terror threat overshadows New Year celebrations
New Year festivities and fireworks have been canceled in the Belgian capital of Brussels amid fears of attacks by Takfiri terrorists.
A year with Iranian Parliament
Iranian New Year began on March 21 and Iranians are going to get back to normal life after two weeks of holidays by April 4. As current Iranian year is going to have Parliament elections by winter, this report will review most important legislatures by MPs during last Iranian year.
Iran capital stock market makes good start in New Year
Iran’s capital city stock market, Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) gets off to a positive start in the new Persian calendar year (which started on March 21).
Rouhani urges all Iranians to reify New Year’s slogan
In his very first cabinet meeting in the New Year, President Rouhani has called on everyone to intensify efforts to fully actualize the new Iranian year’s slogan on ‘Harmony and Unanimity’ between people and the government.
Happy New Year, 2015
When the New Year arrives, it brings new ideas and hopes for us to make our lives good to better and better to best.

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