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NASA releases stunning new image of Jupiter megastorm
Jupiter’s ‘Great Red Spot’ has been pictured in a dramatic new image.
New tech and concepts for future skyscrapers
Materials science is always an interesting field of research, looking at novel materials and how they might change the way we live — or looking at traditional materials but in novel applications.
New hope for curing blindness
Scientists are on the brink of finding a cure for blindness after they successfully restored sight in mice.
Washington declares new sanctions on Syrian military, officials, tech firm
The United States has declared new sanctions against the Syrian military, 18 government officials and a tech company, just days before having to give up its rule to Republican President-elect Donald Trump.
Europe’s deep freeze claims new victims
Sub-freezing temperatures across swathes of Europe have claimed almost 60 victims in recent days — notably in Poland, Romania and the Balkans — with migrants and the homeless among the most vulnerable, officials said.
Warmer oceans encouraging two new phytoplankton groups
Two newly identified groups of phytoplankton appear to thrive in warm water.
New candidate for 'missing element' in Earth's core
Japanese scientists believe they have established the identity of a 'missing element' within the Earth's core.
New model predicts when people are willing to try new things
A new model to predict when people are most likely to try different products has been developed by scientists at UCL and Dunnhumby, a customer science company.
Trump’s new maneuver
By Fereydoon Majlesi
New organ discovered inside human body
A new organ has been discovered hiding in plain sight inside the human body.
New cancer drugs' life-extending capacity varies widely
Drugs recently approved around the world to fight cancer increased patients' overall survival, but benefits vary depending on the drug, a new study showed.
New treatment could make disease worse
The use of pacifist microbes to treat disease may actually make the aggressive pathogen stronger, according to a new report by the University of Exeter in England.
2 killed, 5 injured in New York City shootings on Christmas
At least two people have been killed and five injured as a result of two shootings in New York City on Christmas Day.
New test can detect hidden hearing loss
Researchers from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine have developed a new hearing test that can identify hearing loss more accurately than traditional hearing tests.
Enigma technology to make new ultra-secure bank card
World War II cipher technology is being built into tiny processors to develop the next generation of ultra-secure bank cards.

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