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New cellular insights in bone development
Most of us don't think about our teeth and bones until one aches or breaks. A team of engineers at Washington University in St. Louis looked deep within collagen fibers to see how the body forms new bone and teeth, seeking insights into faster bone healing and new biomaterials.
New technique makes heart valve replacement safer for high-risk patients
Scientists have developed a novel technique that prevents coronary artery obstruction during transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), a rare but often fatal complication.
15 new planets confirmed around cool dwarf stars
Scientists report the existence of 15 new planets — including one 'super-Earth' that could harbor liquid water — orbiting small, cool stars near our solar system.
New drugs help prevent hearing loss
Researchers from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital have discovered that inhibiting an enzyme called cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (CDK2) protects mice and rats from noise- or drug-induced hearing loss.
New chip technology can lead to better quantum computing power
An international team, including Chinese researchers, has demonstrated a large-scale integrated quantum photonic circuit, which may pave the way for manufacturing massive components for the realization of an optical quantum computer, according to a study recently released by the University of Bristol.
New ways to accelerate skin growth for burn wounds
By Sadeq Dehqan & Katayoon Dashti
New symmetry-breaking method opens way for bioactive compounds
Many chemical molecules can exist in nature together with their mirror counterparts; like hands, two compounds can be made up of the same atoms in the same overall structure but in opposite orientations, i.e. left-handed and right-handed.
New printing technique uses cells, molecules to recreate biological structures
Researchers from Queen Mary University of London have developed a printing technique using cells and molecules normally found in natural tissues to create constructs that resemble biological structures.
South Africa's new leader Ramaphosa set to address nation
South Africa's new President Cyril Ramaphosa is preparing to give his first state of the nation address to a country with high expectations as he vows to curb corruption that flourished under his predecessor.
New material can remove salt and metal ions from seawater
Scientists have developed a new, more efficient way to filter salt and metal ions from water.
New explanation for why airways close in asthma holds promise for future class of drugs
Houston Methodist researchers have a new explanation for what causes the lungs' airways to close during asthma attacks that could change the lives of the 300 million people worldwide who suffer from asthma.
Blatter says 'new facts' encourage him to fight ban
Sepp Blatter indicated on Thursday that he plans to take on FIFA, the global football body he used to run but which has now banned him.
A new approach to rechargeable batteries
A type of battery first invented nearly five decades ago could catapult to the forefront of energy storage technologies, thanks to a new finding by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and other institutions.
Space science work recognized in New Year Honors
A leading member of the Cassini mission to Saturn, which ended spectacularly in September 2017, has been recognized in the New Year Honors list.
New technique developed to turn carbon dioxide waste into fuel
Scientists working for the US Department of Energy have found an efficient way to turn waste carbon dioxide into fuel.

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