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Cities may need to act on climate change
The Trump administration may believe that climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese, but Moody’s Investor Services is taking it quite seriously.
Do you need eight hours a night and is coffee before bed a bad idea?
Sleep. We all know we need it. Most of us feel we don’t get enough.
Super Bowl snacks don't need to jeopardize health: Experts
Super Bowl Sunday is synonymous with greasy chicken wings, calorie-laden chili, salty potato chips and sugary brownies — but experts say there's no reason you can't enjoy tasty fare without sending your body into a nutritional tailspin.
Does the world really need ‘diet’ avocados?
A Spanish company has been making headlines this week after announcing that it will be launching reduced-fat avocados later this month.
Do children need preschool? (video)
As the mother of a son who went to preschool and a professor in early childhood education, you might imagine Anna Kirova would be preschool’s No. 1 fan. But the educator said she cannot give a black-and-white answer to the question, ‘Do children need preschool?’
No need for foreign investment in Arak reactor redesign
AEOI Spokesman Kamalvandi said Iran has no need for financial aid from 5+1 in redesigning Arak heavy water reactor, adding foreign investment places a claim on part of the complex’s management.
Cities need 'hedges rather than trees' for environment
Hedges are often better than trees at soaking up air pollution among tall buildings, research has suggested.
What you need to do to feel healthier in just one week
Believe it or not, but summer is just one more drawn-out bout of cold weather away.
Firouzkouh in need of tourism infrastructures
Firouzkouh is in northeastern region of Tehran Province. It is located in the middle of Alborz Mountains.
Anxiety disorders 'need more research'
Anxiety should be given more attention in mental health research because it is more common than we think, says a global review of the disorder.
Sluggish at 40?
You need a different nutritional approach to accommodate midlife changes in your body.
Need more than protests to stop Trump: Analyst
American writer and political commentator Mickey Z. says the hate and violence existed long before Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and we need to address the entire US system.
Europe's climate goals need lifestyle changes
European countries should prepare for a far-reaching debate on the profound lifestyle changes required to limit climate change, according to a leaked European commission document.
UK in need of new homes
Nearly half of all new homes built in England in the next five years are needed to cope with the influx of migrants, official figures suggested.

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