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More than one day of first-trimester bleeding  ups odds for smaller baby
Some first-trimester bleeding occurs in up to one in every four pregnancies. Now, new research suggested that if bleeding extends beyond a day there could be implications for baby's birth weight.
More Americans expect to work until 70
Americans long viewed 65 as the age to stop working. It was considered full retirement age by Social Security for many, Medicare benefits kick in then and historical practice had established it as the goal.
More than 95% of world's population breathe dangerous air
More than 95 percent of the world’s population breathe unsafe air and the burden is falling hardest on the poorest communities, with the gap between the most polluted and least polluted countries rising rapidly, a comprehensive study of global air pollution found.
More frequent droughts mean fewer flowers for bees
As the planet warms and droughts grow longer and more frequent, as predicted by climate scientists, bees are likely to find fewer flowers to get nectar.
More than half your body is not human
More than half of your body is not human, said scientists.
Beautiful buildings are more sustainable
Why is it that some buildings stand for hundreds of years, while others are demolished after only being used for a short time?
More people in Sweden at risk of poverty
Fresh statistics suggest that more and more Swedes are at risk of poverty, with youths, single parents and non-native Swedes representing the bulk of those falling below the EU threshold.
How chocolate, sugary things may prime your brain to want more
If you do an online search about sugar, you may become convinced that it’s evil and addictive — and that your sweet tooth will lead you to ruin. You’ll also see plenty of advice for how to curb your craving for sugary goodness.
Children 'need to play more to gain work skills'
Children will lack the work skills they need in the future because they are not spending enough time playing, a Lego executive has warned.
More evidence of water on Mars
River deposits exist across the surface of Mars and record a surface environment from over 3.5 billion years ago that was able to support liquid water at the surface.
More than half of Americans have battled obesity (video)
A new study is pointing to the growing health crisis surrounding obesity in America. Researchers at Boston University say that more than half of all men and women in the country have been obese at some point in their lives.
More Western tourists visiting Iran
Official statistics show that the number of tourists from Iraq and the Persian Gulf littoral states visiting Iran has decreased in 2016 and 2017, while that of European and American visitors to the country has witnessed a remarkable growth since August 2015.
More children suffer from poverty after The Recession
In 2008, the economic downturn added stress to families across the US.
40 more ‘intelligence’ genes found
Smarty-pants have 40 new reasons to thank their parents for their powerful brains.
More camps needed for those fleeing Daesh in Mosul: Iraqi official
An Iraqi official says that more camps are required to accommodate the flow of people fleeing Daesh in west Mosul.

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