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All 7 missing US sailors found dead inside USS Fitzgerald
All the seven missing US sailors, who had been unaccounted for after a collision between an American destroyer and a Philippine vessel, were found dead, a US Navy official tells CNN.
36m-year-old fossil discovery is missing link in whale evolution
Fossil hunters said they have unearthed a missing link in the evolution of baleen whales after digging up the remains of a creature thought to have lived more than 36 million years ago.
Dark matter still missing
Chalk up one more loss for physicists searching for dark matter. Scientists with the XENON100 experiment have largely ruled out another experiment’s controversial claim of detecting dark matter.
Hundreds of child refugees missing in UK
British media say hundreds of child refugees are missing in the UK amid fears they have fallen victim to human traffickers or other forms of exploitation such as sexual abuse or modern slavery.
Some 9,000 refugee kids reported missing in Germany
Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) confirmed on Monday that by July 1, 8,991 unaccompanied refugee children and young people had been reported missing.
Search for missing India plane enters third day
A search operation in the Bay of Bengal for an Indian military plane that went missing earlier on Friday has entered its third day.
Missing link between glass formation, crystallization found
What accounts for the unique structure of glass?
15 refugees missing in Mediterranean Sea
The UN refugee agency says at least 15 asylum-seekers have gone missing in an incident during which their boat sank in the Mediterranean Sea, the second such incident in a day.
500 pounds of explosives missing from US train
More than 500 pounds of explosives have been stolen from a US freight train, prompting Federal law enforcement authorities to carry out a search in at least three states, a report says.
Four Americans missing after Brussels terror
Four Americans have gone missing in Brussels since it faced terror attacks by Daesh Takfiri militants.
Europol: More than 10,000 migrant children 'missing'
More than 10,000 migrant children may have disappeared after arriving in Europe over the past two years, the EU's police intelligence unit said.
Scientists overcome missing data
Recent clinical trials conducted in South Africa have established that babies born with HIV should be treated with antiretroviral therapy (ART) as early as possible, since earlier treatment significantly decreases their mortality and morbidity rates. However, scientists were unsure whether infants treated with ART eventually develop a normal immune system. Knowing how an infant reacts to ART could help determine how to design curative strategies, but studying these infants can prove challenging due to inconsistent adherence to the study's schedule and the difficulty of collecting sufficient specimens in infants.
China huge landslide leaves 100 people missing
Nearly 100 people have been reported as missing after a massive landslide in southern China hit an industrial park, burying dozens of buildings, Chinese authorities say.
3 killed, 1 missing in Texas floodwaters
At least three people have died and another is missing in heavy floods as freezing rain and flooding pummeled the US state of Texas.
Fate of 70 missing pilgrims unknown
Foreign Ministry Deputy for Consular and Parliament Affairs, Hassan Qashqavi announced Wednesday that the fate of 70 missing Iranian pilgrims in Mina is not clear.

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