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Rouhani: Iran views no Muslim country as ‘rival’
Palestine now Muslim world’s top priority
President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday Iran views no Muslim country as its “rival”.
Military offensive in Idlib targeting terrorist groups: Syria
Syria has defended its military offensive against militants in the northwestern province of Idlib, condemning France ‘great ignorance’ about what is happening in the militant-held region.
Cash-strapped Saudi Arabia raises wages of forces fighting reluctantly in Yemen
Saudi Arabia, already economically challenged, has decided to pay out an extra 5,000 Saudi riyals (1,333 US dollars) monthly to the troops fighting on the front lines in the Saudi-led war on Yemen, where reports have drawn a dark picture of Saudi-led military personnel’s morale.
No plans to pause US-South Korea military exercises: Mattis
US Defense Secretary James Mattis says the United States does not plan to pause a joint annual military exercise with South Korea during the upcoming Winter Olympics in the Asian country.
France ready to enhance military presence in Sahel: Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed his country’s preparedness to beef up its military presence in the Sahel to fight alongside African forces against extremist militants in the region.
US military carried out 120 airstrikes in Yemen in 2017: CENTCOM
The US military says it has carried out more than 120 airstrikes and “multiple” ground operations in Yemen in 2017.
Mattis says no need to step-up military posture against Iran
US Defense Secretary James Mattis says there is no need to resort to a military option against Iran over allegations that Tehran supplies missiles to Yemen.
Iran military commander vows strong response to enemy
Iranian Armed Forces will respond with an iron fist any plots by the enemies, said the commander of Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
US military expects at least 2 more years of combat in Somalia
The US Defense Department has presented the White House with a military plan that expects at least two more years of combat operation against suspected terrorists in Somalia, amid the escalating campaign of US drone strikes there, according to a report.
EU launches major military pact to boost cooperation among members
The European Union has launched a massive military pact as it seeks to coordinate policies and projects among member states in the face of alleged threats from the east of the continent.
US using DPRK threat to maintain military foothold in East Asia as a counter to China: Scholar
The United States is using the North Korean issue in order to maintain a military foothold on the East Asian mainland as a counter to China, says Professor Dennis Etler, an American political analyst who has a decades-long interest in international affairs.
Pentagon: US military to stay in Syria 'as long as we need to'
The US military said it plans to stay in Syria as long as necessary to ensure the Daesh terror group does not return.
US must avoid military conflict with North Korea: Human rights expert
The American public and international community must pressure the United States to avoid a military conflict with North Korea, since a war would be devastating for both sides, a human rights expert and peace activist says.
U.S. military says no civilians killed in August Somalia raid
The U.S. military did not kill any civilians when it accompanied Somali forces on a deadly raid in August, U.S. Africa command said late on Wednesday, the first public statement on the findings from an investigation into the raid.
Thousands more US military service members in Iraq, Syria than believed
Thousands more American troops are serving in Iraq and Syria than has been previously acknowledged by the Pentagon, a new report found.

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