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Severe bullying tied to mental health woes in teens
Teens who were severely bullied as children are at increased risk for mental health problems and suicide attempts, a Canadian study found.
'Third of mothers' experience mental health issues
More than a third of mothers have experienced mental health issues related to parenthood, according to an online survey of 1,800 British parents by the BBC Radio 5 live and YouGov.
Improve your mental health with daily habits
Most people struggle with their mental health at some point in their life, some more than others.
Mental health investments pay, survey finds
Just half of businesses in New South Wales in Australia have measures that address mental health despite findings that such initiatives in the workplace have real and tangible effects on a company’s bottom line, latest research on NSW companies suggested.
Mental health and the workplace
Mental health has never been given priority in comparison to health issues of the body due to its intangible nature. As such, a day has been dedicated to draw global attention towards mental health issues.
Presenteeism linked to mental health issues in the workplace
A survey conducted by The Hoxby Collective has found that 33 percent of workers said they’d suffered from mental health issues as a direct result of working rigid hours.
Assaults on mental health staff up 25% in UK
Mental health staff in the UK are working in a ‘powder keg’ environment, as assaults by patients soar, a BBC investigation has revealed.
A good ear for speech could be sign of mental health issues
Having unusually good hearing could be a sign of mental health problems, new research has found.
One in three men with poor mental health blame work
One in three men say their jobs are causing them to have poor mental health, according to a survey.
Mental health staff recruitment plan for England
Thousands more mental health workers are to be recruited by the National Health Service (NHS) in England.
Mental illness major public health concern in US
Nearly one in five American adults deals with a mental illness or substance abuse problem each year, a US government study said.
Mental health issues prompt student demand for extra time in exams
The number of university students demanding extra time in exams due to mental health problems has surged in recent years, new figures showed.
More UK students experience mental health problems
The UK student population has doubled in the last 20 years to almost two million. During this time, higher tuition fees have placed increased pressure on students — with a recent survey finding that 75 percent of students who receive a maintenance loan feel stressed about their debt.
Two in three hit by mental health problems
Two in three adults in the UK said they have suffered mental health problems, a study revealed.

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