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Americans Hall, Rosbash and Young win Nobel Prize in medicine
The 2017 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to the American trio of Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young for their discoveries of the molecular mechanisms controlling our biological clocks.
Venezuela asks UN help in boosting medicine supplies
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Friday he has asked the United Nations to help the South American nation alleviate medicine shortages, which have become increasingly severe as the oil-producing nation’s economic crisis accelerates.
Studies find worrying over- and underuse of medicine worldwide
Up to 70 percent of hysterectomies in the United States, a quarter of knee replacements in Spain and more than half the antibiotics prescribed in China are inappropriate, overused healthcare, researchers said.
Exercise may be real medicine for Parkinson's
Almost any exercise is good medicine for someone with Parkinson's disease, a new study confirms.
Lack of access to medicine in Latin America taken to IACHR
Complaints over lack of access to medicine in Latin America were brought before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) on Tuesday, with demands that big drug companies be punished for preventing the sale of generics.
Cold medicine may support bladder cancer treatment
The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may have potential for reducing chemoresistance in cancer patients, researchers in Japan suggest in a new study.
China defends use of wild animals in traditional medicine
Traditional Chinese medicine risks extinction if there is a push by the government to completely replace the wild animal parts now used with substitutes, a senior Chinese lawmaker said.
Iran exports biological drugs technologies
An Iranian official said Iran is now exporting the technologies and expertise of many biological drugs to other countries.
Fighting against counterfeit medicine
Around the world, especially in developing nations, counterfeit medicines are a real problem. Until now, in many countries there hasn't been a standard protocol to conduct investigations and pursue prosecution.
Breakthroughs galore:  A transformative year in medicine
This year has seen the dawn of gene editing, the rise of immunotherapy and the first hints of a drug to slow the pace of Alzheimer's disease.
Iran ends monopoly on recombinant drugs
Iran's Food and Drug Administration said the country has broken the monopoly on recombinant drugs.
Brain activity boosts processes that promote neural connections
Brain activity affects the way the developing brain connects neurons and a study by researchers at the School of Medicine on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and Children's Hospital Colorado suggests a new model for understanding that process.
Herbal medicine potential untapped
About 700 permits have been issued for the production of herbal medicines in the world in the past 15 years, said the deputy head of Food and Drug Organization for supervision and planning affairs.
Annual medicine consumption at $2.6b
About $2.6 billion worth of medicines are being consumed in Iran annually, said the Food and Drug Organization's director general for supervising and evaluating drugs and narcotics.
12 vital medicines unveiled
Twelve domestically-produced drugs used for the treatment of MS, cancer and diabetes were unveiled in a ceremony on Saturday.

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