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Will migrant parents be able to reunite with their kids?
The US President Donald Trump administration has offered conflicting messages and no clear solutions for reuniting more than 2,300 migrant children who were separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border under a policy that dictated all parents be charged and separated while awaiting a court hearing.
Why are deaths among US kids, teens on the rise?
A perfect storm of murder, addiction and carelessness has fueled a recent and troubling increase in deaths among US children and teens, a new government report showed.
Anxiety disorders affecting more kids
Ask any parent dealing with a child with anxiety and they will tell you the struggle is real. And it's real for more families than you might think.
Sleep-deprived kids at risk of obesity
Too little sleep can increase a child's risk of obesity, British researchers report.
Why parents should talk to their kids about finances
Asking someone about their finances is about as uncomfortable as asking them about their weight.
Study finds over 3,300 Android apps improperly tracking kids
There's little doubt that mobile apps sometimes overstep their bounds by collecting more data from kids than the law allows. But how often does that happen?
Yoga can soothe anxious elementary school kids
Yoga at school might work wonders for the younger set, new research suggested.
Kids in low-opportunity areas more likely to visit ER
Growing up in a disadvantaged neighborhood may mean more visits to the emergency room (ER), a new study suggested.
How to have money talk with your kids
How much should your kids know about how much money you have in the bank? When should they start saving for college? Where do you stand on allowances?
Onset of kids' food allergies linked to infant wipes, genetics: Study
Children's food allergies have been linked to genetics and environmental factors, including cleaning wipes and exposure to allergens, according to a study.
Vitamin D blood test may one day speed  bipolar diagnosis in kids
A blood test may have the potential to speed accurate diagnosis — and proper treatment — of bipolar disorder in children, new research suggested.
Starting early: Getting kids to a good weight by 13 may help avoid diabetes
Diabetes can develop when the body can’t properly use insulin to turn food into energy. Being overweight at any age raises the chances of the most common form, Type 2.
Kids allergic to cow's milk are smaller than peers with nut allergies
Children, who experience persistent allergies to cow's milk, may remain shorter and lighter throughout pre-adolescence when compared with children who are allergic to peanuts or tree nuts, according to a retrospective chart review during the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology-World Allergy Organization (AAAAI-WAO) Joint Conference.

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