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This stretchy implant could help kids avoid repeated open-heart surgeries
A new stretchy prosthetic could reduce the number of surgeries that children with leaking heart valves must undergo.
Americans push their kids harder in sports than school
There's a dichotomy and inconsistency among many of today's American parents. Many parents aren't afraid to push their children really hard when it comes to athletics and emphasize the connection between hard work and athletic achievement.
Kids, screens and parental guilt:  Time to loosen up?
Parents of small children have long been hearing about the perils of ‘screen time’. And with more screens, and new technologies such as Amazon's Echo speaker, the message is getting louder.
Some mothers may not seek early help for kids with developmental delays
When mothers trust their friends and neighbors more than doctors or struggle to access or afford care, they may be less likely to seek out medical help for young kids with developmental delays, a small US study suggested.
Parents, take note! Don’t confuse immaturity with ADHD in kids youngest in their year
A study published on October 9 in The Lancet Psychiatry warns of the risks of over diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in school-age children who are the youngest in the year. Such children can be several months younger than peers in the same class.
Parents spend 6 days a year trying to get kids to go to bed
Parents spend 140 hours a year getting their child to brush their teeth and get ready for bed, according to new research.
Actually, kids are good now
Have kids' abilities to delay gratification gotten better or worse over the years? A researcher conducted a test to see.
Kids praised as smart may be more likely to cheat
Children who are praised for being smart not only are quicker to give up in the face of obstacles, they also are more likely to be dishonest and cheat, according to a new study.
Young kids with cellphones face a hidden risk
Cyberbullying starts early, and eight- and nine-year-olds with cellphones are especially vulnerable, new research found.
'Microbiomes' may hold key to kids' ear infections
Recurrent ear infections are the bane of many children — and the parents who have to deal with their care.
Study: Nearby parks linked to reduced asthma symptoms in kids
Living near a park can help reduce asthma symptoms among children who live in cities, researchers said.
Throat bacteria linked to bone, joint infection in kids
The presence of a particular germ in kids' throats may also mean they have the same infection in their bones or joints, researchers said.
Why tech still can't save kids in hot cars
Carmakers have come up with cool advancements like keyfobs that limit radio volume when a teen is driving and sunroofs that lower themselves at highway speed to reduce wind noise. Yet kids are still dying in hot cars that can't seem to do much to help them.
How to say no at work when you don't have kids
Despite a boom in flexible working, many singles say they’re still picking up the slack from colleagues with families. Career coaches are advising them to say no.

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