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French drug behind 'severe birth defects' in thousands of kids
A common psychiatric medication used for stabilizing the chemical makeup of the brain has caused "severe birth defects" in thousands of French children.
Mosul parents sedate kids to avoid discovery by Daesh
Aid groups providing assistance to displaced families fleeing fighting between Iraqi forces and Daesh in the western side of Mosul say terrified parents drug their children with sedatives or tape their mouths to avoid discovery as they try to escape.
Kids risk eye damage by spending too much time indoors
Children who spend too much time indoors are in danger of damaging their eyesight, a study revealed.
Getting kids to eat veggies essential
Eating meals as a family is a proven way to get kids to follow healthier diets, but there are other tricks parents can try when there's no way to get everyone around the same table, a recent study suggests.
Kids could soon use power of thought to play with their toys
It sounds like a horror film script, but children could soon be playing with their Christmas toys using the power of thought.
Mice may be key to kids' asthma attacks at school
Research investigating schoolchildren's asthma attacks has pointed to a tiny foe: Mice.
Vegetarian, vegan diets good for kids, adults
Plant-based diets are tied to a lower risk of health problems like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and certain cancers — and pretty much anyone can eat this way, according to a leading group of nutritionists.
Over 4m kids orphaned in DR Congo
More than 4 million children have lost at least one parent in the Democratic Republic of the Congo over the past two decades, becoming the silent victims of continuous cycles of violence.
Nearly 500, 000 kids living under siege in Syria: UNICEF
The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) estimates that almost half a million kids are living in 16 besieged areas across Syria, which is gripped by deadly foreign-sponsored militancy for over five years.
Study: Kids can beat 'complex' pneumonia without IV antibiotics
Antibiotics taken orally are as effective — and doubtless much more welcome — than intravenous antibiotics for children recovering at home from complex pneumonia, a new study found.
Fewer US parents say they spank their kids
Spanking and hitting children to discipline them has become much less common in recent decades as more parents choose non-physical approaches like ‘time-outs’ instead, a US study suggested.
Kids with cardiac arrest less likely to survive CPR at night
Hospitalized children who have suffered cardiac arrest have lower chances of surviving when CPR is performed on them at night than at other times of the day, a new study finds.
US kids eating too much salt
American children's high salt intake puts them at risk for heart disease later in life, a new study warned.
How 'mindful eating' can keep kids slim
Most childhood obesity-prevention programs stress calorie counting and exercise. But one pediatrician likes to emphasize an approach called ‘mindful eating’ instead.
Most low-income dads stay involved with their kids
Contradicting a widely held stereotype, most low-income fathers are at least somewhat involved with their children, a new study showed.

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