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Anxious women may want to keep an eye on their bone health
As if older women didn't already worry enough about their bone health, new research suggested that anxiety may up their risk for fractures.
Keep this fruit out your diet to keep blood sugar levels normal
Diabetes type 2 symptoms include feeling thirsty all the time and losing weight without trying to.
Polar bears keep thriving
One powerful polar bear fact is slowly rising above the message of looming catastrophe repeated endlessly by the media: More than 15,000 polar bears have not disappeared since 2005.
This stick-on patch could keep tabs on stroke patients at home
Up to 65 percent of stroke survivors have trouble swallowing, and about a third of survivors have trouble carrying on conversations.
Macron: France to keep Iran’s nuclear deal
French President Emmanuel Macron has stressed that his country will keep Iran’s landmark 2015 nuclear deal despite opposition from US President Donald Trump.
Scientists work to keep NASA's space telescope in the dark
NASA scientists are taking on the vital task of ensuring unwanted infrared light does not interfere with the optical testing of the James Webb Space Telescope.
NASA is studying fungi to keep space travelers safe in new worlds
Human presence in closed habitats that may one day be used to explore other planets is associated with changes in the composition of the fungal community — the mycobiome — that grows on surfaces inside the habitat.
Let China keep seized US drone, Trump says in new tweet
US President–elect Donald Trump says the US government should not want back its unmanned underwater vehicle captured (UUV) by China.
Enthusiastic dads help keep kids out of trouble
While quality time spent with kids is always important, new research suggests it's a man's attitude that's key to raising happy children.
To keep soil health, scientists say mix up plant species
Soil health is deteriorating around the globe. A combination of commercial agricultural practices, global warming and pollution are draining nutrients and encouraging the accumulation of contaminants.
New crop varieties 'can't keep up with global warming'
Crops yields around the world could fall within a decade unless action is taken to speed up the introduction of new varieties.
An apple a day really does keep the doctor away
Researchers have shed new light on the miraculous health properties of apples — with a lot of ¬benefits are gained from eating the skin.
Muslims should not keep mum toward aggression on al-Aqsa Mosque
Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani said on Saturday that Muslims must avoid keeping silent toward Israeli aggression on al-Aqsa Mosque and Saudi bombardment on Yemen.
Analyst : US media keep Americans in dark about Israel’s nuclear bombs
US mainstream media have for long kept Americans in the dark about Israel’s massive nuclear arsenal while spreading misinformation about Iran’s civilian nuclear activities, says an analyst.

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