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Singapore confirms two cases of Zika virus infection
Two cases of locally transmitted Zika virus infection in Singapore have been confirmed at Simon Place, which is regarded as the first Zika cluster of 2017, said National Environment Agency (NEA).
Rapid Ebola test to detect early infection in the works
Diagnosing Ebola earlier is becoming almost as easy as taking a home pregnancy test.
Scientists predict outcome of Ebola infection with blood test
Researchers at the University of Liverpool in England have developed a blood test that can determine whether patients will survive or die from the Ebola virus.
Chronic lung infection can cause dangerous pneumonia
Bronchitis is an infection of the lungs — which can cause them to become inflamed and can produce a cough which lasts for months.
Breast milk sugar protects babies from infection
A sugar in breast milk was found to help newborns clear an infectious pathogen, and researchers in England think it is one of several that exists specifically to help the growing immune systems of babies.
When mouth microbes pal up, infection ensues
Normally harmless mouth bacteria can be a bad influence. When they pal around with tooth- and gum-attacking microbes, they can help those pathogens kick into high gear.
Ways to reduce infection risk in pool
Swimming is a great way to cool off on a hot day, but beware of fecal contamination that can make you sick, an expert said.
Colombia registers about 43k cases of infection with Zika
Colombia has registered about 43,000 cases of infection with the Zika virus, the National Health Institute said Saturday.
German dies of complications from MERS infection
A 65-year-old German man died this month after contracting MERS during a trip to Abu Dhabi, in the first death linked to the virus in Europe this year, authorities said Tuesday.
Garlic extract could help  cystic fibrosis patients fight infection
A chemical found in garlic can kill bacteria that cause life-threatening lung infections in people with cystic fibrosis, research suggests.
Search for Ebola in Sierra Leone capital begins
Community leaders and Ebola surveillance teams are going house-to-house in neighborhoods in and around Sierra Leone’s capital to search for the sick.
Stem cells can  help  fight infection
In a study led by Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research member Dr. Julian Martinez-Agosto, UCLA scientists have shown that two genes not previously known to be involved with the immune system play a crucial role in how progenitor stem cells are activated to fight infection.
Ebola infection count exceeds 15,300: WHO
The number of people believed to be infected with the deadly Ebola virus has surpassed 15,000, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.
WHO: 8,000 infected, 3,879 killed by Ebola
The Ebola epidemic has so far claimed the lives of 3,879 people all around the world, while more than 8,000 people have been infected.
Spanish nurse’s Ebola infection blamed on substandard equipment
Health professionals in Madrid have blamed substandard equipment and a failure to follow protocol for the first case of Ebola to be contracted outside west Africa.

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