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US expands second health alert to 'countrywide' in China
The United States has issued a new health alert for its citizens in China – the second in less than two weeks – over allegations that American diplomats and their families may be the target of a spate of mysterious “sonic attacks.”
Can you make up for lost sleep on the weekend?
Not getting enough sleep can be detrimental to your health; many studies even link the lack of Z's to higher odds of dying during a certain time period. But a new study from Sweden suggests that if you can't sleep as much as you need during the week, you may be able to make up for it on the weekends.
Palestinian president in hospital, condition 'excellent'
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas should still remain in hospital despite his “excellent” conditions, officials have said in the wake of rumors about his deteriorating health.
WHA unveils ambitious health targets to benefit 3b people
The World Health Assembly (WHA) unveiled an ambitious plan aiming to benefit an overall population of three billion globally for the next five years with better health care and well-being.
Anxious women may want to keep an eye on their bone health
As if older women didn't already worry enough about their bone health, new research suggested that anxiety may up their risk for fractures.
Iran becomes permanent member of WHO cancer agency
Iran has been appointed as the permanent member of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) established by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Should we sleep and wake early to boost our health?
When a recent study looked at health differences between late and early risers, it appeared to make grim reading for night owls.
Artificial sweeteners and diabetes, experts give final word on their link
Are artificial sweeteners beneficial for diabetics? The link between the two has always been under debate. Many diabetes patients are asked to swap sugar with artificial sweetener in their meals. But is it really as healthy as advertised?
Improved mental health care funding for new moms
New and expectant mothers in England will be able to access help with mental health problems more easily within the next year, according to NHS England.
MEDICAL UT researchers harnessing the immune system with cancer vaccine
Our immune system works day and night to protect our body against harmful organisms that threaten our health, such as viruses or bacteria. These invasive organisms have foreign proteins, called antigens, on their surface.
Can science of autophagy boost your health?
A little-known scientific process is being hailed as the new way to lose weight, look younger and prolong life.
Brainstorm Health: 'All of Us' enrollment, Theranos investor losses, Gottlieb Vs. drug rebates
As I mentioned, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is launching public enrollment in its ambitious genetic and health data collection project.
Light could make some hospital surfaces deadly to germs
Shining light on a new material is all it takes to make its surface toxic to germs. If used on the outside of instruments, on countertops and more, the technology might one day help hospitals limit the spread of infections, including ones that no longer respond to drugs.

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