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Brain waves measure employee happiness
By using a solution called ‘emotional surveillance technology’, Chinese employers are looking to change the workflow to increase the productivity of their employees and therefore profits.
Time, not material goods, raises happiness
Using money to free-up time is linked to increased happiness, a study found.
Many kinds of happiness promote better health
A new study links the capacity to feel a variety of upbeat emotions to better health.
Why being miserable is actually the secret to happiness
Happiness is overrated. Instead, try allowing yourself to be totally miserable. It might make you happier than you have ever been. Let us explain.
Knowing how others see us is key to happiness
The most important, and yet least examined, determinant of success or failure — at work and in life — is self-awareness. The ability to understand who we are, how others see us, and how we fit into the world.
Can dealing with emotional exhaustion enhance happiness?
New research from the University of East Anglia (UEA) suggested that the process of dealing with emotional exhaustion can sometimes increase happiness.
Parents skeptical about happiness lessons for children
Few parents will be unaware of the increasing concern about children’s mental health. A delicate topic that was rarely if ever mentioned in the past now commands government and media attention. Tragic, high-profile stories of children driven to self-harm, or to take their own lives because of bullying and the daily pressures they face are all too common.
Better sleep can literally make us feel like a million bucks
Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders are dangerous, costly, and impact our health and overall well-being. New research puts forth sleep as a major public health concern, and shows that the effects of a good night's sleep are as beneficial for our happiness and well-being as winning the lottery might be.
The secret to happiness in later life
We live in an extraordinary time. Increasing numbers of us are living longer than ever imagined before. It is a major achievement of modern science and healthcare.
Same set of genes can cause happiness and depression
Researchers have found that the same set of genes that make us prone to depression could also lead us to positivity in life.
Valuing your time more than money linked to happiness
Valuing your time more than the pursuit of money is linked to greater happiness, according to new research published by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.
Happiness' home spotted in brain
Scientists may never figure out why people are happy or not, but they're a bit closer now to figuring out where happiness resides in the brain.
Laughing and happiness vital for health
Senior official:
Humor therapy, which has been approved by Iran's Health Ministry, has health benefits, said Ali Akbar Sayyari, the deputy health minister.
Money-happiness nexus
Researchers are investigating new directions in the science of spending.
Happiness dips in midlife in the affluent West
Using world survey data, the Lancet study authors found life satisfaction followed a predictable trajectory depending on where people lived.

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